Put a stop signal for allergy with Clarinex

Allergy is one of the conditions that results from a hypersensitivity condition that causes enhanced production of histamine in the body. This condition results in various allergic symptoms such as allergic rhinitis, chronic urticaria, skin rash, etc. But, Clarinex is found to posses’ a great potential in providing relief against the detrimental health implications caused by allergic complications.

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Clarinex 5mg

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Mechanism of Action : Clarinex contains Desloratadine as its major active chemical component that plays a key role in rescinding the stern allergic responses from your life. It acts as an anti-histamine medication that shows a peripheral as well as selective H1 antagonistic activity. Hence, by antagonistically binding to H1 receptors, this anti-allergic drug causes mitigation of histamine levels in the body, thereby resulting in providing relief from the negative health effects.

Dosage : Clarinex is a stalwart approach to halt the progression of your allergic reaction and in turn grant you respite from the detrimental symptoms allied with it. The dosage of this medication in adults that has been found to produce a potent effect is intake of either 2 tsp of liquid solution or a 5mg tablet on a daily basis. While, the concentration that provides relief from allergy in children is the consumption of a single tsp of liquid or a 2.5mg tablet once a day.

Advantages : Clarinex is currently the most widely preferred anti-allergic drug due to its amazing clinical safety, positive efficacy profile and enhanced therapeutic effect with great stability.

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