Get a hold on allergy with the aid of Claritin

Allergic reactions are nothing but an enhanced immune response against a particular type of allergen and this response can take a severe clinical turn if not attended within a specific time period. But, with the help of Claritin the root cause of the allergic reaction is attacked making the complications such as itchy skin, runny rose, sneezing, hives, watery eyes, etc. to slow down its succession and grant a normal life.

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Claritin 5mg

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Mechanism of Action : Claritin initiates its action by causing competitive inhibition of peripheral H1 receptor of histamine. This inhibition results in alleviation of the increased histamine levels in the body thereby gradually causing the symptoms to attain a downward graph and ultimately results elimination of the allergic condition.

Dosage : The major factors that play a key role in determination of the accurate dosage of this medication are your age, severity of the allergic reaction and any clinical history. But, the normally recommended dose of Claritin for children is 5mg per day and for adults is 10mg tablet once a day or 5mg ODT (Orally Disintegrating Tablet) twice a day. There is no big deal if this drug is taken with food, but remembers to take it at same time of the day.

Advantages : The reason behind Claritin being regarded to be the best and widely preferred medication is its safety and effective profile along with its ability to produce an outstanding result with respect to treatment in a little span of time.

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