Cleocin – An ideal check for bacterial illness
Cleocin has created its unique mark in the minds of many individuals all over the world with its ability to hit the bull’s eye in treating the bacterial infection. This anti-bacterial agent takes the aid of Lincosamide, the active chemical compound of this drug and that is responsible for conduction of the entire anti-bacterial task. Hence, relieving you from the clutches of this catastrophic bacterial complication is a child’s play for this drug.

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Cleocin 300mg

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Cleocin 150mg

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Cleocin Action Mechanism
This medication principally attacks on the protein synthesis of the bacteria by acting as a potent inhibitor and this activity results in cessation of the bacterial reproduction as well as growth. Not only does this drug acts as inhibitor of cell growth but also prevents the progression of the infection by attacking the RNA of the bacteria and thus, finally causes the death of the bacteria.

Cleocin Dosage 
The dosage of Cleocin depends on the severity of the bacterial infection and hence, abiding by the recommendations of your doctor is very important to attain full recovery within less span of time. The dosage of 150 mg – 300 mg is usually recommended in case of mild to moderate infections, while for treating severe infection a dose ranging from 300 mg – 450 mg is found to result effective outcome. But, remember to take this drug with an interval of 6 hours time between two doses to maintain its steady concentration in blood.

Cleocin Advantages
Cleocin showcases powerful effect against streptococcal as well as staphylococci infections in general along with acting effectively against various other bacterial infections. This medication is also the most widely preferred drug against bacteria among the current lot.

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