Parlodel best aid for solving woman health troubles

Parlodel has been found to be treating clinical health complication in woman caused by high prolactin levels in the body along with infertility, unrelenting breast milk production and absence of menstrual periods. This drug has established its own mark in the clinical industry by effectively warding off the symptoms and in turn granting them a happy life that is free of health problems.

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Parlodel 2.5mg

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Mechanism of Action : Parlodel uses an effective route of action to exert its potent effect and eliminate the symptoms responsible for causing the delirious health complications. This bromocriptine containing medication acts as a dopamine receptor agonist and causes the blocking of the pituitary release of prolactin along with decreasing the growth hormone blood levels. This activity results in alleviation of the prolactin levels in the body thereby effectively curing the underlined disease.

Dosage : Since, Parlodel has been involved in the treatment of various health issues of women; its dosage is found to be dependent on the severity of the clinical condition and the type of the disease. But, the dosage of this medication recommended in most cases is 2.5 mg on a daily basis; although doses ranging from 1.25mg – 5mg are also recommended.

Advantages : Parlodel and infertility go hand in hand as whenever women experiences complications related to fertility issues, this medication is the most preferred one due to its potential to put a full stop to this condition along with its related issues. This drug has also being found to aid in treatment of type2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

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