Plavix averts unnecessary blood clotting
It is a known fact that if the blood does not clot it leads to a very severe and deadly health complication, but many are unaware of the carious health complications resulted from active blood clotting. Hence, to rescue you from the clutches of devastating blood clots and its allied health effects in high risk individuals suffering from heart attack, stroke and chest pain; Plavix has come into existence.

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Plavix 75mg

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Plavix Action Mechanism
Plavix is a dual action executioner as it causes platelet inhibition along with aiding in the blood thinning process. It initiates its action by impeding the aggregation of platelets, which is the key essential factor that results in the formation of a clot. This drug achieves this action by irreversibly binding to the adenosine di-phosphate chemoreceptor, which is present on the platelet cell membrane.

Plavix Dosage 
Since, individuals suffering from high blood pressure are usually regarded to be at a greater risk of experiencing blood coagulation complication, a starting dose of 300 mg Plavix is recommended. Whereas, the standard dose that should be continued after the initial dose on a daily basis is 75 mg (as recommended by most of the clinical professionals) and at the similar time period of the day.

Plavix Advantages 
The action executed by Plavix is really commendable as a small clot formation in your arteries can pave way for detrimental health complications. This drug is not only effective and potent in its action but is also quite safe in preventing the formation of blood clots.

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