Roxithromycin – Finest aid for bacterial diseases
Roxithromycin sets you break free from the clutches of a varied type of bacterial infections, which result in moderately severe to extremely grave impacts on the normal health. This medication exerts potent effects on infections affecting the nose, throat, ear, respiratory tract, soft tissues as well as urinary tract. Hence, take the aid of this amazing antibacterial medication and experience the health beneficial effects executed by it.

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Roxithromycin 150mg

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Roxithromycin 300mg

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Roxithromycin Action Mechanism
Roxithromycin eyes the translocation step of the protein translational elongation process to execute its action on the bacteria. Hence, this medication binds to the 50S ribosomal subunit, which is an essential part of the peptide formation process and thus, results in inhibition of protein synthesis in the bacteria. This activity leads to the impedance of the growth of the bacterial cell and ultimately results in its death.

Roxithromycin Dosage
The general standard dose of Roxithromycin that has been found to exert a potent effect on the different bacterial infections in adults is 150 mg, which should be taken twice a day with regards to either 30 minutes before or 2 hours past your meals. Whereas, children are recommended to take a dose of 2.5 mg to 5.0 mg per kg body weight twice a day, as this has been regarded to be the standard dose in kids.

Roxithromycin Advantages
Roxithromycin does not differentiates gram positive microbes form the gram negative ones and thus, acts in a same potent manner against both the bacteria and is also found to exert a powerful anti-malarial activity.

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