Zyrop 2000/4000/10000 Erythroprotin

Zyrop 2000/4000/10000 Erythroprotin
New era of Treatment of Anemia

Zyrop is an internationally renowned thermostable EPO brand, Owing to its effectiveness, this injection is recommended by medical practitioners for increasing yield of autologous blood, in anaemia of chronic renal failure and various other ailments. It is formulated by our vendors in suitable conditions so as to make it side effects-free to ensure its quality in tune with global medical standards.

Manufacturer : Zydus Healthcare
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Manufacturer: Zydus Healthcare

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Zyrop 2000/4000/10000 Erythroprotin 2000

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Zyrop 2000/4000/10000 Erythroprotin 4000

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Zyrop 2000/4000/10000 Erythroprotin 10000

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1 Inj 349.0000
Formulation : Zyrop (4000 iu) Injection mainly contains the generic formulation called as Erythropoietin (Recombinant Human Erythropoietin)- 4000 iu. 

Indications : 
Increase yield of autologous blood.
Anemia of chronic renal failure.
Anemia in zidovudine-treated HIV infected patients.
Anemia related to non-myeloid malignant disease chemotherapy.

Side Effects : Hypertension, myalgia, arthralgia, flu like syndrome, rashes and urticaria. Hypertensive crisis with encephalopathy-like symptoms e.g.headache, confusion, generalised seizures.Thrombosis.Arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, conjustive heart failure and precipitation of myocardial infarction.

Contra Indications : Uncontrolled hypertension, hypersensitivity to mammalian cell products and human albumin.

Caution : Chronic renal failure, ischaemic heart diseases, hypertension, pregnancy, seizures, liver dysfunction, lactation.

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