Today, a sexual health has been found a highest affecting hurdle in man. It not only found a threat for the older man, but also a middle age man too. Due to social, psychological, family, occupation and several others factors person get mentally disturb, which not only affect their health, but also a sexual health of the person. As we know amongst all, sexual health too measured necessary for the life. But, a person, who gets afflicted from sexual anarchy called erectile dysfunction, low libido, failure of reproductive system, etc. get disconcert on the bed while facing hurdle in practicing sex with their love one. It’s all about failure of erection during sexual exercise. Most of the man admitted erectile dysfunction a kind of most embarrassing condition, which fails man to take pleasure of their sexual life. Well, not every man is likely to face such sort of sexual disorders, but a man who goes under certain harmful habits and psychological factors is accountable to get this issue. 

All about sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a kind of difficulty occurs during any stage of sexual response, which averts an individual or a pair from experiencing contentment from the sexual performance. The course of sexual impact comprises 4 stages: anticipation, plateau, orgasm & resolution.

Factors accountable to cause sexual dysfunction

Physical factor

Most of the physical & medical circumstances found responsible to cause sexual disorder in man. These conditions embraces the barriers called diabetes, heart & vascular disease, neurological mayhem, hormonal destabilization, certain kind of chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, alcoholism & drug maltreatment.  Moreover, the negative impact of certain medications, comprising an antidepressants drug may lead to affect sexual desire & its function.

Psychological factor

Psychological factor includes the mental state of mind consisting anxiety, stress, depression, sexual performance, family disputes, upset state of mind, etc.


The phase of sexual dysfunction and its affect

The most ordinary complication connected to sexual dysfunction in men contains premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (impotence) & inhibited sexual desire.

Premature Ejaculation

It’s a kind of sexual disorder, which is termed an ejaculation that takes place before or after penetration.

Inhibited or retarded ejaculation

This occurs when an ejaculation fails to take place.

Retrograde ejaculation

This happens to take place when, at orgasm, the ejaculate is strained reverse to the bladder instead of urethra & absent the end of the penis.


  • Inhibited ejaculation: - In most of the cases, premature & inhibited ejaculation happens to take place due to psychological factors. Premature ejaculation, the most frequent type of sexual dysfunction in male, often occurs due to concert of anxiety during sex. It also comprises organic factors certain medicine, comprising some anti-depressants, may cause impair ejaculation, and can lead to cause nerve damage of the spinal cord & back.


  • Retrograde ejaculation: - is quite general in man with diabetes, who endures from diabetic neuropathy. This is because of hitch with the nerves in the bladder & the bladder neck, which permits the ejaculate to run rearward. In some men, retrograde ejaculation takes place after operation on the bladder neck or prostate or subsequent to particular abdomen operations. Moreover, certain psychological treating drugs found responsible to cause ejaculation.

·         Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also termed as impotence; a powerlessness to sustain & uphold an erection suitable for intercourse. An ED holds the issue of restricted blood flow, such as atherosclerosis; complication of nerves; mental aspect such as trauma, sadness & concert of anxiety; any injury to the male reproductive system called penis. Chronic infirmity, medications & a circumstance known as Peyronie’s disease leads to cause erectile dysfunction in man.

·         Introverted in sexual aspiration

Fall in sexual desire or loss of libido, refers to a decline in aspiration of sexual performance. A drop down in libido level affects due to physical or psychological factors.  It has been linked with low altitude of the hormone called testosterone. It may also occurs due to psychological issues called anxiety, stress, apprehension & depression; illnesses called diabetes & high blood pressure; some medications, embracing an anti-depressants pills & unhappy relationship.

The diagnosing process of male sexual dysfunction

The doctor may ask you to go under various physical examinations to check sexual dysfunction.   

  • Go for Blood tests-these blood tests are done to estimate hormone levels.
  • Vascular measurement-it comprises an estimation of the blood run to the penis. An obstacle in a blood vessel furnishing blood to the penis perhaps is causative to impotence.
  • Go for Sensory test-this kind of test taken place predominantly for knowing the result of diabetic neuropathy. Sensory helps check the power of nerve impulses in a certain region of the body.
  • Nocturnal penile tumescence & firmness testing — this test takes place to supervise the erections that get emerge naturally during sleep. This test may aids conclude if a man’s erectile issue is due to physical or psychological factors.

How does the man sexual dysfunction treated?

To treat sexual dysfunction one need to go under certain medication procedure and amendment in certain habits. Change in the habit, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking detrimental drugs, etc. needs to be discontinued. Further, one needs to change a frame of mind such as stress, depression, trauma, etc. this would be some of the suggestion that should be adopted by very ED influencer. Further, in case of medication course one can exercise the drug called generic Viagra, caverta, tadalis, sildenafil citrate, kamagra, etc.



How to get prevent from impotence

  • Moderate the consumption of alcohol.
  • Completely Quit smoking.
  • Spend time with love one
  • Go for outing for stress relief
  • Take ample amount of sleep
  • Avoid taking medicines unnecessarily
  • Limit taking spicy and nicotine contained stuff.