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Medical Termination Via Cytotec Before 8 Weeks

Afraid about the miscarriage treatments? Buy cheap Cytotec Abortion Pill online which is also sold under the name Cytolog to use in pregnancy ending i.e. home abortion methods. This Abortion Pill online is approved by the FDA for its safety to use in women. These are the cheap Abortion Pills that are used before the 8 weeks of pregnancy. Such prescriptions are well known as Gastrointestinal Agents that are used to treat gastric ulcers. The medicine is shown as more effective when used together with Mifepristone (RU-486) to avoid undesired gestation. 

  1. Brand: Cytolog
  2. Active component: Misoprostol
  3. Uses:
    1. To end the unwished gestation till 56 days.
    2. To treat the gastric ulcers that cause a high risk of health issues. 
  4. Form: Tablet 
  5. Strength: 200 mcg
  6. Package: 4 pills 
  7. Manufacturer: Pfizer Pharmaceutical
  8. Benefits Of Cytolog:
    1. It ends the unwanted pregnancy successfully without harming health.
    2. Buy Cytotec online, which is available at a very cheap cost. 
    3. The proper use of medicine reduces the troubles of duodenal and stomach ulcers. 

Cytotec / Cytolog 200mcg

No of Units Price
4 Pills $240.00
8 Pills $400.00
12 Pills $540.00

Action mechanism of the Cytotec Abortion Pill before 8 weeks

Order Cytotec online which works by departing the fetal particles from the uterus, and then making the cervix open to pass out the fetal particles.  Additionally, when taking the treatment of stomach ulcers, acts by blocking acid secretion. Thus, it is well known as a Gastrointestinal element. 

Dosage direction of Cytotec

Before using the medicine, it's critical to read all information provided on the leaflet. One who wants to end the unwished gestation can take the first pill (Mifeprex) orally. After 24 to 48 hours, you should use the Cytotec 200 mcg buccally. Generally, you must have to use 4 pills at 2-2 intervals. According to the medical history and background, the dosages sometimes vary. Thus, you should use the prescriptions only under the supervision of healthcare professionals. After the administration, heavy bleeding may occur, due to such reactions, it's necessary to carry sanitary pads. 

If you find any difficulties in the administration process, seek medical help. By knowing your medical history, your experts will suggest you other required remedies. 

How does a pregnancy-ending pill feel?

Due to its action mechanism, you may sense a few signs that are harmful to your health. Both slight and major reactions may observe in women.  The adverse reactions that are fused with the Abortion Pills are following,

  1. Excessive bleeding and cramping
  2. Diarrhea 
  3. fever
  4. Dizziness
  5. Tiredness

The reactions stated above are not the only ones that people have; some may have additional reactions. Due to such heavy bleeding, you may also feel the pain. To treat such discomfort used painkillers. Before the conditions get worsen you should talk with the healthcare adviser.

Contraindications of Cytolog Abortion Pill

It is recommended that if you're allergic to elements of the medicine then avoid using it. Aside from this, the following mentioned are the conditions where you cannot use the prescription,

  1. Suffering from pelvic infections
  2. Having an ectopic pregnancy 
  3. Hypertension
  4. Glaucoma
  5. Asthma

Aside from this, there are a few additional conditions in which you cannot utilize the pregnancy termination pill. For more information, check with healthcare professionals. 

Missed dose instructions

When it comes to using the Abortion Pills you may take them as per the prescribed time. If you missed the dosage at the proper time, you could contact your experts. If you’re taking the medicines at 2-2 intervals, you should make the schedule of dosages. It's critical to use 4 tablets in a day, thus if you missed the prescription, you may not observe the proper outcomes. 

Overdose instructions

Purchase Cytotec pregnancy termination pill online, which comes in a pack of 4 tablets. You must have to use such tablets according to the suggestions. If you used an overdose of the pregnancy termination pill, it may lead to serious health conditions. 


  1. Storage of abortion prescriptions is important during the whole treatment.
  2. Maintain the miscarriage medicine in a cool, dry environment.
  3. To avoid contamination, Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  4. Do not freeze. 

Key points of the Cytotec

  1. It will improve the management if you discuss your health records and age with professionals.
  2. Used this abortion prescription as per the suggestion of experts to avoid side reactions.
  3. When using the Cytotec table before 8 Weeks, it indicates the results 24 to 48 hours after the administration.
  4. The medical abortion method is effective in 99% of cases when used the combination of 2 pills (Mifeprex 200 mg & Misoprostol 200 mcg). 
  5. The precaution associated with the pill is treated easily with other remedies. 
  6. This tablet may also use to decrease gastric ulcers in Diarrhea. But you need to take the prescriptions of experts. 
  7. An abortion medicine is also used in labour induction, but there are a few problems that your professionals will advise you about during the treatment.

FAQ About Cytotec

What is the proper way to use Cytotec 200 mcg?

One can use the Abortion Pill as per the prescription of health care experts. This medicine is generally used buccally for the most effective results. This can be used together with Mifeprex 200 mg for better outcomes.

Is this product available under another brand name?

The pregnancy termination medicine is sold under various brand names. This prescription is also available as Misoprostol and Cytolog.

Is the Abortion Pill safe?

Yes. The pregnancy termination prescription is secure to use and approved by FDA. There is no evidence suggesting that the use of Abortion Pills may harm health.

How effective is the Abortion Pill?

The Abortion Pills are incredibly effective. When taking the pill, approximately 98 % of people achieve a successful abortion.

What is the working of Cytotec?

This pregnancy-ending medication has an effective property of its working. It opens the cervix by passing the fatal particles out. This empty uterus may assist to complete the further procedure that ends the pregnancy successfully.

What can one do if the bleeding has not started after the Mifepristone? Should I take Cytotec or not?

Yes, you can use the second pill even if the bleeding has not occurred. Usually, the bleeding start after the dose of the second prescription. In a few cases, it observes after Mifepristone.

What is the ideal time interval between the 2 intakes?

The best way to take the pill is to consume 1 tablet of Mifepristone followed by 4 pills of Misoprostol after 48 hours of the first medicine. The finest results are obtained when all 4 pills are used together. However, there are different ways to take these prescriptions, such as taking 2 tabs followed by another 2 after 6 hours.

What should you do if you experience bleeding after taking Mifepristone before Cytotec?

This is normal that bleedings occur after the first pill, but you should use the second medicine compulsory. Mifeprex alone is not able to empty the uterus.

What are the uses of this medicine?

This remedy is commonly used to end the gestation before 8 weeks. Other than pregnancy ending, it is also used for gastric ulcers caused by anti-inflammatory medicines.

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