Frequently Asked Questions

We accept  VISA, Master Card, Discover,Amex,Western Union, E-Check.

Once you place an order, if you dont recieve an confirmation email. At that time your order will be in pending state. With 24- 48 hours your card will be processed. You will recieve a call from our customer support team and a confirmation email with the descriptor, which will appear on your upcoming visa billing statement. Status in your account will get changed to processed from pending.

When you decide to cancel your order after approval. Provide us your order number, if your order is not shipped or under processing it will get cancelled. In case your order is approved and shipped it will not get cancelled. You wont get the refund. For cancellation of your  order call us immediately on our toll free number provided on website.

We strickly follow United States Data Protection Act policies. We use high end server to ensure maximum safety of data. Online transaction are highly secured with our processing terminal. All our servers and Computers are checked for security on regular basis.

In some cases this is possible because it depends on the processing bank which process the card, they charge in different currencies. Exchange rates keeping on changing on real time basis. At times the amount is less then the total value which gives automatic discounts to our customers. As your transactions are overseas some banks take processing charges on your order. We can't restrict banks from taking transaction fees.If the amount it too high then order value, then send us the scan copy of invoice by email or fax. We won't refund the processing amount charged by your bank.

Yes, we ship our products accross the globe.

Our package is send by Express Mail. Express mail takes around 10 - 12 working days to deliver. We have special US - US shipping only for emergency pills which gets delivered in 3 - 5 working days. Read our Shipping terms and conditions before ordering.

Yes we do provide tracking number within 24 - 48 hours once your order is confirmed.

You can track your order on We will provide you the link via email to track your parcel if its not from USA. For more information on tracking read our shipping policy.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support help line number available on website.

We provide both branded and Generic products on our website.

Generic pills are those who have different name for the same ingredients. Generic pills have same content which is available in branded pills.

The ingredients of generic and brand name drugs are identical. The name is the only difference. The name engraved on the pill is actually the name of the active ingredient found in the formula. The manufacturers of generic medicines are not allowed to use the same name as the original manufacturer because of copyright restrictions.

The majority of new drugs are patent-protected by the government for a period of 17 years when they are first launched. Other manufacturers are not allowed to sell that drug in this period of time. This aims to allow the company that designed the drug to recover the research money that was invested in the development by selling it exclusively. Other manufacturers can apply to the Food and Drug Administration to sell generic versions of the drug only when the patent expires. Competing companies can afford to sell their products at a cheaper price because they haven’t invested any money in research and development.

Generics are required to have identical active ingredients, quantity and speed of absorption to the brand name drugs. This means that the quality of generics is similar to the brand name counterpart, although they have a different shape and/or colour.

Generic pharmaceutical manufacturers need to meet the same manufacturing standards as those imposed on brand name pharmaceutical companies. All companies need to pass rigorous and regular inspections conducted by the relevant authorities.

Soft drugs act faster than regular ones because they are disolved under the tongue. This also means that you can consume alcohol before sexual intercourse. It is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol in the case of regular tablets because the drug acts slower.

The products come in one or more blister packs and are enclosed in an envelope. The envelope will display only your name and your shipping address so as to protect your privacy.