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Plan B One-Step- Assist To Escape The Pregnancy

Getting rid of the pregnancy, once it occurs becomes hectic. Hence, choosing birth control options-emergency contraceptives becomes the most reliable and relevant method. When a couple engages in sexual intimacy, they are likely to use some or other contraceptive methods. There are times when even after using contraceptives, one is likely to get pregnant due to improper use of the protection. 

To avoid the circumstances wherein women, get pregnant due to mishaps, it is recommended to order Plan B One-Step online. A packet of this remedy contains a Levonorgestrel pill and is used to prevent pregnancy that occurs after birth control measure fails.

  1. Active Element: Levonorgestrel 
  2. Manufacturer:
  3. Form: Tablet
  4. Packaging: Box
  5. Strength: 1.5mg
  6. Uses: prevents pregnancy

Plan B One-step 1.5mg

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10 Pills $85.00
30 Pills $165.00
60 Pills $255.00
90 Pills $346.00
180 Pills $576.00

Know the reasons behind failed contraceptives

  1. The condom or protection used is broken
  2. Women forgot to ingest the hormonal pills
  3. Having unprotected sex
  4. Other types of contraceptives fail

What is an emergency contraceptive?

When the above situation occurs, using emergency contraceptive pills is the best idea. Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive pill contains Levonorgestrel, it works to ensure the pregnancy is not initiated.

This tablet simply works by creating a blockage between the sperm and the eggs to avoid gestation. 

About the contraceptive

Women who end up engaging in love-making moments need to guarantee, they and their partner use protective measures to avoid pregnancy. If you forget to do so, you need to use the Levonorgestrel pill, assisting to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex. Also, before administrating, know this medicine is to be used within 72 hours to reduce the risk of conceiving. This medication shows more effective results when used within 24 hours. 

Function or work mechanism of the pill

Levonorgestrel emergency contraception is a female hormone suppressing ovulation in a woman’s body. The administration of the pill alerts the mucus in the lining of the uterus. The use of this pill makes it difficult for the sperm to reach the eggs in the uterus. In short, the implantation process is blocked to avoid pregnancy. Using the emergency contraceptive pill is an easy escape plan for women who looks for last-minute assistance. 

Dosage pattern of the medicine

You can buy online Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptives over the counter to self-manage the condition at the earliest. Within 24-72 hours, a female can consume a single pill of this remedy after engaging in unprotected sex. If you’re using two tablets, you need to use one after the other by maintaining a gap of 12 hours between each.  If you throw out, the morning after the pill, after the consumption, one needs to repeat the dose to avoid the consequences. Besides, the use of this medicine is likely to cause an effect on your menstrual period. 

Know the positive impact of the morning after pill

The use of the Plan B Step One pill is likely to leave few positive effects. The consumption is

  1. 95% Reliable 
  2. Easy to purchase 
  3. Only a single dose is enough
  4. Doesn’t let the pregnancy occur
  5. No major complications

Withdrawal consequences

Using the emergency contraceptive, Plan B One-Step plan helps to prevent pregnancy, yet few withdrawal consequences can affect your health. 

  1. Dizziness
  2. Vomiting
  3. Nausea
  4. Headache
  5. Spotting or bleeding between periods
  6. Lighter or heavier menstrual periods

Besides, there is a side effect that one should be concerned about-Severe lower abdominal pain.

If any unusual symptoms or side effects are experienced reaching out to a gynecologist or emergency room is recommended. 

When not to purchase Plan B One-Step pill?

There are situations when one is not recommended to buy emergency contraceptive pills online for preventing gestation. Here are the focused ones, 

  1. If a female is already pregnant, using a Levonorgestrel tablet is not recommended. 
  2. One who is allergic to the ingredients present in this oral emergency contraceptive medication should refrain the use.
  3. If you have had any medical condition, check once on the leaflet concerning the use. 

What to expect after the use of a birth control pill prescription?

After the administration of the tablet, you’re likely to not get pregnant. Also, once you ingest this tablet, you’re likely to address the changes in your menstrual periods. Hence, any basic or minor changes in your periods are fine. Instead, the cramps and pain might 

Special measures to follow

The use of Plan B One-Step tablet should not be let used with certain steps. You need to follow basic instructions to avoid complications.

  1. Do not booze or smoke, the actions are likely to hamper the functions of the medicines. 
  2. The use of other meds interacts and causes a negative impact. 
  3. Any herbal or non-herbal treatment shouldn’t be combined while using emergency contraceptives.


Is Plan B Step One an emergency contraceptive or only a contraceptive tablet?

This is an emergency contraceptive used within 72 hours of engaging in sexual intercourse. 

Should I use it before intercourse or after?

If you have not used any contraceptive method, women are recommended to use this pill after engaging in sexual intimacy. 

How do I know this medicine has worked for me?

Once you ingest the tablet, your periods are delayed by a week. If you haven’t received your periods for 3-4 days, you may be pregnant. Waiting for your next period is the only sign and symptom that indicates the functions of Plan B Step One. 

Does the consumption hurt you?

The administration of this pill doesn’t cause any impact on your health or hurt you. This remedy simply functions to ensure the pregnancy is avoided. 

Should I use more than recommended doses to avoid pregnancy?

No, using more doses results in overdose and the effectiveness doesn’t increase due to added administration. 

Does my ovulation matter before ingesting online Plan B Step One?

This morning after the pill doesn’t work if you’ve already ovulated. The function of this oral contraceptive is to delay ovulation to avoid pregnancy. 

Is one tablet enough to get rid of the gestation?

Yes, if used within 24-72 hours, using a single dose is enough to get rid of the situation without any major compilation. 

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