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Levitra is also known as Vardenafil and it is a PDE5 inhibitor which is used for treatment of the erectile dysfunction. It is marketed under the brand name of Levitra and Staxyn. In Italy, it is known as Vivanza. Earlier the Levitra is co-marketed by GlaxoSmithKline and Bayer Pharmaceuticals under the name of Levitra. In the year 2005, the copromotion rights of GSK on Levitra has been returned to the Bayer company like the markets outside the U.S. In Italy, the Bayer company sells Levitra as Vardenafil and the GSK sells as Vivanza. Levitra helps to relax our muscles and thus increases the flow of blood in the particular area of the body.

What to avoid, when you consume Levitra:

It is not good to take Levitra if you are having a chest pain or any other heart problems like the nitroglycerin. When you consume Levitra with a nitrate medicine, it can cause a sudden decrease in the blood pressure. At that time, it is advised to stop using the Levitra and get immediate help if you experience the vision loss.

It is good to take an appointment with the doctor and get good medical attention, if our erection is getting painful or whether it last for more than 4 hours. If you face any prolonged erection, it can damage the penis. During the time of sexual intercourse, when you become dizzy or have pain, it is good to call the doctor immediately.

Important things to take care before you consume the Levitra Medicine:

If you are having allergic conditions, it is not good to use the Levitra medicine. If you are consuming nitrate drug for treating chest pain and heart problems, then it is advised not to use Levitra medicine. When you consume the Levitra medicine, it decreases the flow of blood to the optic nerve of the eye which cause a sudden loss of vision. The Levitra medicine is not used by the women and use of the medication is  harmful to the unborn baby.

How to consume Levitra Medicine:

It is best  to consume the Levitra medicine, only under the proper prescription of the doctor. Follow the steps which are prescribed on the label and do not consume in small or larger quantities. The Levitra medicine can be consumed with or without food. Levitra is taken only at the proper time before having the sexual activity. When you use this medicine, it helps to get an erection through sexual stimulation. The erection will not occur only by consuming the pill. It is good to follow the instructions of the doctor.

Each day takes  the medicine only once and do not consume it again within 24 hours and take 24 hours time to pass between the doses. Contact the doctor or take immediate help if your erection is getting painful which lasts for 4 hours. It is advised to store the medicine at the room temperature and keep it away from heat and moisture.

Usual  Dosage:

Consume the medicine in 10 mg daily and only once per day, which is sixty minutes before the sexual activity. Increase the dose to 20 mg or decrease to 5 mg, according to our efficiency. The maximum dose of the medicine is 20 mg once a day. If the patients are  getting treatment on alpha-blocker therapy, then the dosage is 5 mg orally per day and only once.

Side Effects of Levitra:

Take emergency help, if you are facing any signs of an allergic reaction. If you face a sudden vision loss, it is good to stop consuming the Levitra and take immediate help. During the time of sexual intercourse, when you become dizzy or have any pain, then it is important to call the doctor at the right time. If you are facing any symptoms of a heart attack like the chest pain, it is good to avoid using Levitra. Irregular heartbeat is a side effect of using Levitra.

The penis erection which lasts for 4 hours is a problem when you consume the Levitra medicine. Flushing and stuffy nose are the common side effects of Levitra. Upset stomach and back pain is also found when you consume the Levitra medicine. The swelling hands and ankles is a side effect of Levitra.

General Warnings:

It is good to understand the  cardiovascular status of the patients since there is a high risk in the sexual activity. The treatment of erectile dysfunction, including the usage of Levitra, should not be used for men, where the sexual activity is not recommended.

The patients who are having left ventricular outflow problem can be more sensitive to the problem of Vasodilators which includes the PDE5 inhibitors. When you are consuming Levitra medicine, the blood pressure will get decreased. The doctors must take proper care when they prescribe such patient for Levitra. They must also check for the cardiovascular problems. The prolonged erections can last for more than 4 hours, and  there is a risk of Priapism. If the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, then it is advised to take proper medical care and if  it is not treated properly, then the penile tissue can get damaged and it results  in permanent loss of potency.

The doctors will advise the patients to stop using the PDE5 inhibitors, otherwise sudden vision loss can happen. It can happen in one or both eyes. It is a rare condition and it can result in permanent loss of vision and it is reported in the rare cases only. Sudden hearing loss can happen if you consume the Levitra medicine. Take proper attention to  the sudden loss of hearing. Sudden dizziness or tinnitus can happen. It is not advised to use the Levitra medicine, when you are taking other treatments and medicines.

Consume the medicine only under proper prescription of the doctor. When you are following any other medicines, the doctor may prescribe a low dose and will limit to one dose. The Levitra medicine must be taken in a 72 hours, which is a 3 day period.