What is a Birth Control Pill?

The Birth control pill, also known as the pill is used as a daily pill which contains hormones to change how the body works and it is used to prevent the pregnancy. These hormones are chemical substances which can control the functioning of the body organs. In this way, the hormones in the pill are used to control the ovaries and uterus.  Women can take the pill through mouth to prevent the pregnancy and when it is taken in the proper manner, then it is able to work efficiently. The success rate 99.9 percent and it is more effective. The Pill cannot protect against the HIV disease which is sexually transmitted. The Male condom, which is latex form, gives the best protection against the Sexually transmitted diseases. 

How Birth control pills work?

The birth control pills are combination pills which contain a combination of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone which can prevent the ovulation. If the women doesn’t ovulate, then she cannot get pregnant and there is no egg to get fertilized. The pills work by strengthening the mucus which is around the cervix.  This makes it difficult to get the sperm enter into the uterus and reach any eggs which have been released. The hormones in the pill affect the lining of the uterus which makes it difficult for the egg to attach to the wall of the uterus

Usually, the birth control pills come in the 21-day pack or in a 28-day pack. Daily one hormone pill is taken for 21 days and depending upon the pack, we can stop taking the birth control pills for 7 days or we can take the pill which contains no hormones for 7 days. The Woman has got her period when she stops taking pills which contain the hormones. The women prefer 28-day pack because it helps to develop of taking a pill every day. There is also another combination pill which decreases the frequency of the period of a woman just by giving hormone pill for 12 weeks and giving inactive pills for 7 days. This will decrease the number of periods to one for every 3 months rather than one for every month. 

There is also another kind of pill which can change number of monthly periods and it is the low-dose progesterone pill. Sometimes it is known as the mini-pill. This type of pill is different from other pills and in that case it contains one type of hormone such as progesterone. It works according to the cervical mucus and the uterus lining and sometimes it affects the ovulation. The mini-pill is less effective during the pregnancy period rather than the combination pills. Mini-pill is taken without any break and the girl who takes the mini-pill will have no period and sometimes she may have irregular periods. For the mini-pill to work properly, it must be taken every day without missing the doses. 

How effective is the pill?

Over the period of one year, out of 100 couples who depends on the pill will have an accidental pregnancy. The chances of getting pregnant depend upon whether you take birth control pills every day. The Pill is an effective form of birth control and missing one day can increase the chances of getting pregnant. The birth control methods work depending upon certain things. First, understand whether the person is having health problems or whether they are taking any herbal supplements which interfere with its use. The antibiotics or a herb can interfere with the use of the pill. The chosen method depends on whether the method is convenient or not and the person must know how to use it effectively. 

Side Effects:

The birth control pill is useful and it is an effective method of birth control. The young women who have will have no side effects. Some side effects can happen when having the pill is the irregular menstrual bleeding. The breast tenderness and nausea are the common side effects.  Some side effects will improve in the first three months when having the pill. When a girl has side effects, the doctor may prescribe a different kind of pill. By using these pills, the periods will get lighter and it reduces the cramps and it is often prescribed for those who have menstrual problems. By having the pill, it improves acne. The birth control pills are used to protect against some problems like breast disease and anemia. 

Which Age Group uses it?

Mostly we have seen that the young girls are using these pills more because they are having power to remember it. The young girls who can take a pill every day and need better protection against pregnancy can take birth control pills. All the women cannot have the Pill and in some medical cases, the usage of the pill is less effective and it is riskier for the patient. The women who have blood clots, cancers and migraine are not advised to use this pill. The girls who have unexplained vaginal bleeding must consult the doctor at the correct time. 

Availability of the pill:

A nurse practitioner or a doctor prescribes the pill. They will ask about the health of the girl and their medical history. They test a complete physical exam and it includes the pelvic exam. If they prescribe birth control pills, they will also prescribe when to start using the pill and the steps needed when the pills are not used properly. The nurse of the doctor will ask the girl to return back after a few months to check her blood pressure and to see whether she is having any problems associated with it. After this checkup, if the girl is having sex, she should check routine exams each 6 months to a year which is recommended by the doctor. 

Cost of the pill:

The pill costs normally between 15 dollars to 50 dollars a month and it may depend on the type. Most of the family clinics sell the birth control pills for fewer amounts. The doctor visits and the pills are covered in the health insurance plans.