How to Delay Ejaculation and Last Longer in Bed?

Premature ejaculation is a problem many men face. The problem of premature ejaculation comes from the inability of a man to control his ejaculation. This problem can ruin sex for many. The problem not only affects the man suffering from it, but also affects the people around him. The problem of premature ejaculation can induce other negative thoughts in a person’s mind, and can influence his mental and social behavior.

The problem of premature ejaculation has the ability to get you down and ruin your sex, and personal life. Premature ejaculation is not the end of the world, man is known to find his way around the gravest of problems, and we made it to the moon, what’s premature ejaculation.

There could be many reasons that lead to premature ejaculation; it can come from a psychological reason of stress and sexual trauma, use of illicit drugs. Premature ejaculation is not a medical disorder, it is a problem the usually fades away with age, experience and a little extra care. . This article is about learning to delay the ejaculation and last longer in bed.

The article speaks about different ways to delay and prolong ejaculation to achieve sexual satisfaction, and get riddance from the anxiety, relationship stress, guilt, and embarrassment that comes with premature ejaculation.

By the end of this article you will know will speak of the 15 ways to help you last longer, and delay your ejaculation only to have a fuller, sexier, hotter life. 

Kegel exercises

You need to do it too. Kegel exercises are used extensively by women to well, tighten their vagina. The best part about the exercise is that it works for men too. Yes, kegels can actually help you prolong your ejaculation.

What are kegels?

Kegels are the muscles that you use when you want to control urination. They are easy to perform, and can be done anytime, anyplace. All you have to do is flex these muscles about 30 times a day to have your ejaculation delayed.

Squeeze technique

You can also prolong ejaculation and delay  it by using this simple trick. By holding the tip of the head of your penis you can actually control your ejaculation.


A little extra help can work wonders, especially when it comes to the problem of premature ejaculation. Your scrotum rises, as and when you reach to an orgasm and are on the verge of ejaculation. You can delay your ejaculation by simply pulling the scrotum away from the body.

Change focus

Your mid controls everything, not the girl, even your ejaculation. Instead of concentrating on ejaculating, you can rather concentrate on your partner's pleasure.

Combination of thrusts

This is another conventional way to delay your ejaculation. You can delay your ejaculation, or say orgasm by simply combining shallow thrusts with deep thrusts. This is a technique that helps many men prolong their ejaculation and will certainly make you last longer in bed with her, in her.

Massage the prostate gland

The prostate gland is part of your body too; a little massaging to the prostate gland won’t hurt.  When you practice delaying ejaculation, the prostate gland tends to turn sore, here’s where the massaging comes in, and massaging the gland keeps it from aching at all.

Perineum pressure

You can also delay ejaculation by simply applying pressure to the perineum.

What is the perineum?

The perineum is the spot between the anus and scrotum. While reaching orgasm or ejaculation, the prostate gland tends to expand and contract. Hence, by applying pressure on this interim spot, you can actually prolong your ejaculation.

Pelvic muscles

Here is another way to delay your ejaculation. Hold on to it. Do not let it go. Here’s what simply squeeze the pubococcygeous muscle to stop ejaculating in or outside her. You have to contract these muscles, the muscles that are used for controlling urine; the same muscles that you use for kegels, by doing so you regularly you will be able to delay your ejaculation.


Nature to the rescue, Blue berries are known to delay ejaculation. Blue berries work by relaxing the nerves in the penis. A relaxed penis is never in a hurry to ejaculate.


This position is a boon to men in more than one way. The woman –on- top sex position reduces your chances of experiencing premature ejaculation; thereby helping you last longer in her and in bed. What are you waiting for; get her on top to delay your ejaculation.

Start and Stop

This method is highly recommended to prolong ejaculation. Whenever you have the urge to ejaculate, don’t!, stop thrusting, pull out, relax and then thrust again. The start and stop method has helped many couples last longer in bed and relish the full experience of sex.


Well for this one at least you don’t need any directions. Masturbation can actually help you prolong sex. You can delay ejaculation by masturbating an hour before having intercourse with her.


De-stress to prevent performance anxiety, as this could cause premature ejaculation. Sex can help improve your mental health and will put you at ease, to enjoy the experience.

Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng

It’s nature to the rescue again! Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng is a herb that helps in reducing stress. This works wonders, especially when it comes to prolonging your ejaculation. Consumption of the herb also reduces your chances of falling prey to the problem of impotence or infertility. It promotes the growth of sperm in the body.

Control your orgasm

Masturbating without using any lubrication to the point of climax and stopping just when it is about to happen, is the key to control ejaculation. You can practice it a couple of times and then ejaculate; over a period of some time you will be able to control your ejaculation.

Psst! Don’t rush to the main course, indulge in some foreplay before engaging in intercourse with her. You can ask your partner to gently massage your penis along with lubrication. In time this method can also help you prolong ejaculation.

Buy Viagra Online

In the case that you try all the above, and fail, or are too impatient to try these. You can always buy viagra online to treat premature ejaculation. You can consume one pill of Viagra an hour before having sex, and have the problem of premature ejaculation. This method is used by many to treat premature ejaculation.

Now that you have read the article, you are aware of the tricks of the trade, adapt these practices to your life and get riddance from the problem of premature ejaculation for good.