Whenever someone talks about medical abortion at home all that reminds us is of the various birth control pills and abortion pills available in the market. Yes off course, birth control pills and abortion pills have been used traditionally since many years in medically aborting a child at home without having the need to go to a doctor. With so many various types of abortion pills from various pharmaceutical companies it becomes difficult for women to choose one and go for it. This article will provide you with some of the suitable medications that are widely used nowadays and are also the safest means of medical abortion at home.

Step 1-Confirm Pregnancy

This is the most important and crucial step you need to take before opting for medical abortion. It is better to confirm pregnancy on the pregnancy test scale in order to avoid the risks of side effects of abortion pills. We have seen cases in which the victim has suffered from tremendous side effects and withdrawals symptoms due to the use of abortion pills without even having the fetus inside the womb which lead to problems in their sexual life. It is better you take some experts help or professional help in diagnosing your pregnancy.

Step 2 – Seek Help from Experts or Start Researching Online for Medication

Sometimes there are very personal reasons why a woman opts for medical abortion at home instead of going for surgical abortions. In some cases we see that the reasons are so personal that the patient refuses to take any help to prevent being highlighted. If that’s the case with you then internet is the best place where you will get answers for your problem. Start researching about A to Z of abortion and also about the various medications that will best meet your medical condition. You will come across different types of birth control and abortion pills which vary in their price and quality depending on the pharmaceutical company it is manufactured from.

Step 3- Buy the Medications online

Even though there are thousands and thousands of traditional medical and drug stores which have abortion pills, we suggest you make your purchase from online stores due to the following reasons:

  • Various ranges of products will be offered to you according to your budget.
  • 100% quality products will be delivered.
  • Good results within short period of time.
  • Products from the most leading pharmaceutical companies will be provided to you.
  • No delivery or shipping charges.
  • Full customer service will be provided to you at any point of time.

Step 4- Rigorous Course of Medication

Using abortion pills with full safety and precautionary measures is an important point in terminating early pregnancy. Any complications in using might lead to further damage to your sex life and you may not able to conceive again. Follow the instruction and guidelines that you have from your expert or from the research you have done on the internet. This will help you abort the fetus within the early weeks of pregnancy. To get you started and to make it little bit easier for you, here are some safety measure you need to follow before the course of medication.

  1. Any kind of intoxication should be avoided like smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol or any in toxic substance that may interrupt your body metabolism.
  2. Any kind of physical workout which may strain you body should be avoided.
  3. Ample amount of rest and healthy diet should be maintained. Taking Vitamin supplements is best recommended.
  4. Heavy spicy food and high cholesterol food items should not be consumed.
  5. If you happen to be on any other medication, consult a doctor before going for abortion pills.

Step 5- Watch out Post-abortion Withdrawal Symptoms

Most people get riddled whether the abortion has been confirmed or not. It is quite natural to be confused about once own health but if you want to be on the safe side then it is better you watch out for withdrawal symptoms in order to confirm whether the fetus inside you has been terminated or not. There are many symptoms that you will encounter like nausea, vomiting, headaches, severe back pains, vaginal bleeding, etc. Even after being aware of the symptoms if you are not able to figure out the abortion, it is better you take the pregnancy test once more.

These were some pointers which will help you choose the right medication for abortion at home. Here’s a link for the website which deals with various abortion pills and birth control pills for women and also is considered to be very popular online pharmacy store.