Abortion Pill Called Mifepristone Pill Frees Women from Early Pregnancy

Nowadays pregnancy termination has become an easy process. Earlier people had to travel all the way to the desired hospitals for termination or we can say abortion but now a person need not travel much and go to faraway places for this purpose; abortion is now possible at your place. Another reason why terminating pills are useful is that girls of less age are becoming pregnant due to some or the reason. Their parents or they feel embarrassed to move out for such purpose and to face the doctors and staff and everyone. So this is the best thing to get rid off such things.

It reduces your travelling charges. It also reduces the charges of hospital’s big fat bill. You need not pay so much of money for abortion purpose.

The success rate of the former is around 95%. It is useful for ending a 4 to 9 week older pregnancy. More than 90 countries across the globe use these tablets, as per the report of healthcare firms.

There are certain rules or directions which have to be followed before the intake of such pills. A lady who is feeding cannot have these pills. One more reason is that if the lady is unfit that is not healthy physically is strictly not allowed to have these pills as it has its own side effects. But a lady who’s physically fit and strong can have these pills if required.


When a person eats these anti progesterone tablets, it automatically separates the foetus from the womb’s endometrium lining. The pregnancy parts begin to decay, and the womb contractions permit the pregnancy particles to effectively expel. Haemorrhage from Mifepristone abortion pill is deep, and when the womb empties out it recedes to spotting.

After 30 to 40 minutes of consuming the pills, bleeding begins. One can face severe cramps as well. In the start of pregnancy getting terminated the foetus dispossessed may not be noticeable to our naked eyes as the particles are too small. For example a six week old embryo is like the dimension of a rice granule. But  in the 8th week the embryo becomes the size a kidney bean. A Foetus which is 10 to 12 weeks mature is 1 to 3 inch elongated.

Time Period of Pregnancy Ending treatment

The treatment lasts for 2weeks. Depends on the intake of the pill. If the intake is regular and proper then there are chances of the pregnancy ending soon. Some times it occurs in few hours of few days but sometimes it takes a little more time. So it is always suggested to take the pills on time.

The pill doesn’t costs much as it saves a lot of hospital charge and thetravelling costs as well.