Abortion is the termination of the child which is in the womb of a mother. Abortion is generally said to be of two types that is Impulsive and Induced Abortion.

Impulsive abortion is also famously known as miscarriage. This simply means that the pregnancy gets terminated on its own. In such cases the womb gets emptied through heavy bleeding which occurs at once. Miscarriage occurs if the lady is prone to some dangerous diseases or even if the lady works a lot more which is advised not to be done while pregnant.

Induced abortion is the termination of pregnancy which is done on purpose. Such abortions mainly occur if the parents do not want the child or if there are any severe complications in their pregnancy which can cause the child severe problems after coming into existence.

There are certain ways through which the child is aborted. One is through surgery and the other one is with the help of abortion pills. Both of these ways are quite famous. But nowadays you won’t get to see people going to hospitals for the purpose of abortion for doing these surgeries, people mainly prefer abortion pills.

Surgical abortion is one of the ways. People who are quite rich opt for surgeries into other city or states with the help of best doctors. Not many people would go for such surgeries. They include a lot of charges. One needs to pay right from travelling charges to nursing charges, hospital charge and then the required medicines too. There are many of them who cannot afford such surgeries. Opting for cheap cost surgeries can be a bit dangerous as the doctors are not professionals. They might create some complications which can be harmful for your health. A wrong operation can even cause a lady to face permanent infertility.

Another famous way is abortion with the help of pills. This is a cost efficient way of termination of pregnancy as it does not involves much cost. The pills required come at a very cheap cost. Everybody can adopt such abortion. One needs to first make sure that she is pregnant. The pills are to be taken according to the time period of the person being pregnant. If the pregnancy is at its early stage then the medication is different whereas for the women who is pregnant for more time are prescribed different dose of medicines. Many people face certain diseases even while being pregnant. For them, a proper guidance from a physician is required so that they do not face any problem further due to the pills.

In many countries abortion is illegal. It is so insensitive of a person to first become pregnant and then abort the child. Every person has the right to live. It is the law of the nature that every human being brings another human being into existence. If you are brought to this beautiful world, you cannot just stop the other human being from coming into this world.

In a country like china strict rules have been imposed by the government that the maximum limit of children should not exceed more than 2. Every family should follow the rule. If the rules are not followed as per the government rules and the child is still introduced then that particular family has to pay a fine of the amount decided by them. Here the abortion practise is seen more which is unfair in all means.

Many of them justify their abortion by saying that the person has faced rape or it was done out of poverty or due to disability. Any such reason cannot just justify the crime of aborting the child. It is quite inhuman of a person to do so. If you can’t handle the responsibility then do not bring the child into existence. And if once you have decided about bringing the child into the world do not abort it by giving any such reason which should justify the kind of crime you doing.

Some abortions are undertaken to save the life of a mother. There are very less cases where the child is aborted to save the mother’s life. But sometimes that is just used as a excuse to justify the crime.