Abortion is a procedure where the child in the womb of the lady is terminated with the help of a certain procedure which helps a person in aborting the child. Abortion is done in two cases mainly when the pregnancy is causing harm to the lady or when the pregnancy the lady is facing is probably unwanted and happened not out of the will and wish of the person. Abortion is a procedure which a lady carries out once in her lifetime if desired. Abortion should be undertaken under the complete guidance of the lady.


Abortion is further classified into two categories that is A Miscarriage and an Induced abortion.

Miscarriage- This is known to be a procedure where the child is aborted on its own that is the womb is emptied not through some procedure, pills or treatment but happens on its own. This is something which does not occurs out of the will of the lady it in fact is something which the lady does not wishes should happen to her while she is pregnant. Miscarriages bring a sad environment around as they are unexpected as well as undesired abortions. One should generally be prepared to face something like this if they are prone to some kind of heart disease or if they are going to undergo certain surgery or treatment or have already faced something some surgery in the past. In such cases the doctor itself asks the patient to not opt for a surgery or treatment. They should be done only when the pregnancy period of the lady is over and after she delivers the baby. People sometimes are not aware of the consequences and go for procedures which should not be gone through. At each and every step of a pregnancy one should always seek help from their respective doctor or gynaecologist.

Induced Abortion- This name is generally not much aware in the people they simply call such an induced abortion only abortion. This is something where the person aborts the child with their own will and wish. The child here is aborted by adapting any of the following procedures such as suction abortion, abortion through vacuum. All this comes under the name surgery; all of them are surgical procedures. There is another way through which one can abort the child is through abortion pills. Let’s study all these procedures in detail and let you know which one is the most preferable and best for a person for the procedure of abortion.

One might go for a surgery but only then when the pregnancy period of the lady had crossed more than 7 weeks. A pregnancy which lasts for more than this time period is then suggested to undergo a surgery to solve the purpose of abortion. Surgeries cost a lot so people generally opt for abortion pills. This way is much better as there are no hustles of going to the hospital then undergo a surgery then face a medication treatment for about a week. Instead the best way which is always suggested to people is abortion with the help of abortion pills. It is completely safe and ensures a complete abortion to the lady.