Mifepristone is a tablet which is used for aborting a child. There are women who chose to go for a medical procedure rather than opting for some surgery. Termination of child means abortion where the child is been aborted with the will of the lady. Abortion where the lady is unaware about it and does not occur out of the will of the lady is said to be a spontaneous abortion or as very famously known by people by Miscarriage. Miscarriages occur on their own that is because of some issues with the pregnancy of the lady she faces a miscarriage in her life. Miscarriages are also termed as unwanted abortions. They sometimes puts the lady into stress or depression as people generally have a lot of dreams and hopes attached to the pregnancy of the lady which seems to be heartbreaking once the child is aborted. People should take a good care of themselves while facing a pregnancy period in their life as anything wrong done to health can cause the negative effect to the child who in turn leads to either complications in pregnancy or a miscarriage.

Abortions which are done with the consent of the lady is said to be an induced abortion where the child is aborted after the lady has asked to do so. Many people prefer different ways for abortion with a different view towards it. Some prefer a surgery over medicines. This is so because they have such a point of view where surgery is the only best method for abortion. The people who can afford such surgeries go for it rather than opting for medicines.

Mifepristone is a pill which is used to end a pregnancy which is about 7 weeks old. A pregnancy which extends this time period cannot be aborted with the help of mifepristone. In those cases one needs to opt for a surgery.

DOSAGE – One needs to read the manual given along with the medicine very carefully before having this pill or should keep in touch with a doctor who will guide you properly over abortion. This medicine is taken orally with normal water as a single tablet or as guided to you by your respective doctor. It is necessary to take misoprostol within 48 hours of taking mifepristone.

PRECAUTION - A heavy bleeding would not be an indication that you have successfully aborted the child. For a real confirmation do consult your doctor. Checkups thrice a week is mandatory to ensure that the child has been aborted successfully. Avoid the intake of grapes or any product which is related to grapes such as grape wine, grape fruit, juice or any kind of eatable. Do not have alcohol or any such dangerous thing while opting for an abortion.  

SIDE EFFECTS – A person tends to face certain side effects after having this medicine. These side effects are quite normal and do not cause severe harm to your health. Nausea, vomiting, heavy bleeding and weakness are some of them.