Abortion is a procedure in which a child is being terminated that is the embryo or foetus is removed from the womb of the mother which means the pregnancy of the lady is probably terminated. Abortion is said to be a process which is being carried out almost by each and every lady once in her life time. Sometimes aborting the child is mandatory and sometimes abortion occurs on its own without the wish or will of the lady.

Abortion where the child is terminated on its own and where no certain procedure is been followed to end up the pregnancy period of the lady is very commonly known as miscarriage. Miscarriages are very common yet very heart breaking for the lady or the mates. Miscarriages occur due to several other reasons such as bad or ill health of the lady. If the lady is not going good with her health that is she is facing some or the other problems related to her health then she ought to have a miscarriage. If ever the lady has gone through certain surgery in the past or in the recent times then she needs to see that it does not affect her health. In such cases the surgery causes certain problems to the health of the lady which then leads to a miscarriage. One should take complete care of her health and should keep themselves away from diseases which can cause harm to their pregnancy. Going through certain heart disease or kidney related issues can be another reason for miscarriage. One should ensure that she is completely well with her health and is not affected to any such disease or disorder which can prove to be harmful in the near future or to the child before taking any such decision of pregnancy.

There is another kind of abortion known as induced abortion. This is something which occurs out of the wish and will of the parents or the lady. Such abortions arise when no kind of protection is being used while making love with the partner. This in turn leads to such unwanted pregnancies. One must ensure complete safety first and then should indulge into any such sexual activities.

Abortion earlier was possible through only a single way which was a surgery. Later on, as the technology raised and the field of pharmacy invented new medications, procedures and other ways new methods for aborting a child were also invented.

Now abortion is possible with the help of a treatment through medicines rather than only a surgery. One can go for a safe abortion which is only possible with the help of abortion pills. There are various abortion pills which can ensure one with a safe abortion. Abortion pills are safe and abortion is possible at your home itself that is one does not need to go to any hospital or clinic to solve the purpose. The dosage is available in the market according to one’s needs and quantity.