Abortions are said to be done only when they are necessary to do or when the person is ready for it. Usually only those people do abortions when the pregnancy faced by the women is unwanted to her. Basically abortions must be done when they are very essential or necessary to do if that is not the case then people should usually avoid these abortions. There are certain ways and types of abortions which should be taken into consideration or which one must know very carefully when opting for an abortion or when going for any procedure for an abortion.

There are two types of abortions which include an induced abortion as well as a spontaneous abortion.

Spontaneous abortions are also called as miscarriages. They are usually named as miscarriages only by people. These abortions are basically unplanned abortions where the person does not intend to do so. They apart from being unplanned are also quite unexpected. They are basically quite heart breaking for the women as she did not expect it to be so. People should take good care of their health as anything can happen. The lady carries a big responsibility as there is another life in her womb so this should be considered as a very essential point. If any of these are faced then immediately consult the doctor for it so that he can guide you further with the best possible solution.

Another type is an induced abortion where the person does an abortion or an abortion is undertaken by the person according to him own wish that is it happens by a complete planning and not through any other means. These abortions are basically unwanted pregnancies which take place to a woman when not proper type of protection is used while making love with the partner. People should take care of this thing and make it a point that proper protection is used so that unwanted pregnancies could be avoided and innocent lives could be saved.

People who face a pregnancy and want to have an abortion in their life need to think about it properly as abortion is a very serious issue which could be solved after proper planning. There are various ways through which abortion could take place. A surgery or a way through medication is the two possible ways with the help of which a person can opt for an abortion.

A surgery can be a good option only if the pregnancy faced by the person is of more than 68 days. Surgeries can be a good idea but yes they cost a person a lot. It includes so many charges that a normal or a middle class person can probably not afford it. So for such people who cannot opt for such a surgery there is another way out that is suggested to be an abortion pill? There are various abortion pills but the best one is said to be an MTP Kit. This kit is basically a composition of 5 tablets which is categorized as 4 tablets of Misoprostol and 4 tablets of Mifepristone. A person needs to take all these medicines for a safe and effective abortion in them.