Abortion is said to be a procedure where the child is been terminated from the womb of the mother, in other words the foetus or embryo is removed out of the womb. Several procedures are opted to solve this particular problem. People choose the kind of procedure according to their own wish and will. Abortion is further categorized into two specific parts which are mentioned below.

Spontaneous abortion – Spontaneous abortion is known by many names such as a natural abortion or a miscarriage. This kind of abortion is an abortion where the child gets terminated out of the womb on its own. The procedure is simply done in the form of heavy bleeding. The child comes out of the womb on its own but in the form of heavy bleeding. Such kind of abortions are said to be quite heart breaking as they are unexpected kind of abortions. Miscarriages are mistaken by never facing a pregnancy again but that is not the case as one can face a pregnancy several times even after having an abortion which is spontaneous. People are therefore suggested to take good care of themselves as anything might happen even if a single bad thing happens to the lady. One should take care properly and go for proper check-ups to avoid a miscarriage.

Induced abortion – Induced abortions are generally the ones where a person opts for an abortion out of their own wish and will. When the people do not use proper safety measures while making love with their partner such pregnancies arise. Abortions should be decreased in number so such measures should be taken such as using condemns while making love.

There are two types of procedures which can be opted for an abortion, one is with the help of a surgery and the other one is with the help of a medical abortion.

Surgeries are the best when a person is facing an abortion for more than 6 to 7 weeks. In such cases the pregnancy cannot be aborted with the help of any pill here a surgery is the only option. Basically people opt for those procedures which suit their pocket. Surgical abortions include too many costs such as the cost of the surgery, hospital charges as well as travelling charges including the doctors’ fees. Not all of them are able to opt for such an abortion as they prefer ways which are cheap enough.

Medical abortions are the ones which are comparatively quite cheap. They do not require much costs and can be afforded by many people. When the pregnancy is 6 to 7 weeks old this procedure can be opted. MTP Kit is the best medicine for abortion. It includes two kinds of pills in it. One is mifepristone and the other one is misoprostol. Mifepristone tablet is only one and the quantity is 200 mg whereas misoprostol involves 4tablets of it. Both of them needs to be eaten up for abortion. Have this medicine orally with the help of water and do seek doctor’s help before and after this treatment.