Abortion is a procedure where the child or the fetus is removed out of the womb of the mother with the help of certain procedures or treatment. There can be many reasons behind doing so such as an unwanted pregnancy or so on. Various people opt for various procedures for ending up the pregnancy. A procedure is also followed according to the type of pregnancy the lady is facing that is the time period of her pregnancy and many other things are there which are taken into consideration while opting for an abortion.

An abortion is also divided into two specific parts namely a natural abortion and an induced abortion. Both of these are a part of abortion and solve the purpose of aborting the child.

A natural abortion is very famously known as a miscarriage where the child is aborted from the womb of the mother on its own. It can happen while the lady is in the washroom. The child or the fetus can just come out and it could be the end of the pregnancy faced by the lady. There are people who face a lot of depression while such things happen to them but there is nothing to worry about as you can become pregnant and enjoy this beautiful phase again in your life. There are rumors which say that aborting the child out of the womb or facing an abortion which occurs naturally can be harmful and therefore be an end to the person’s pregnancy for the whole life but that is not the case as you can become pregnant again. Just make sure that you take proper care of yourself while experiencing a pregnancy period. It is suggested as you will not have to face a miscarriage again in your life.

An induced abortion is said to be the one where people decide and then abort the child. Basically the pregnancy faced by the lady is unwanted to her and she however does not want to have that child in her life and so she takes particular steps to end up the pregnancy faced by her.

There are certain procedures which can be helpful in ending up the pregnancy. A person chooses such procedures that are based on the pregnancy period and the amount of money they can spend and afford.

Generally the best way possible for an abortion is through medication but it fails to help in certain types. A pregnancy which is said to be 6 to 7 weeks old can be aborted with the help of a medical treatment whereas a pregnancy which exceeds this particular limit needs to be terminated with the help of a surgery.

Medical abortion with the help of MTP Kit is the best way for abortion. It is the best medicine so far for abortion. This MTP Kit is a composition of two particular tablets that is mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone carries 1 tablet of 200 mg whereas misoprostol carries 4 tablets. All the 5 tablets need to be taken by the lady for a safe abortion.