There so many ways through which the child can be aborted but out of all the methods the one which is quite famous is said to be the one with the help of abortion pills. Basically there are other treatments too which assist in better abortion but some types of abortions or pregnancies can be terminated with the help of certain sort of ways. For aborting the child the women must first make sure that she is pregnant. Secondly the women should be firm with the decision of abortion as there are many of them who later on realize and then regret with their decision. Abortion is done when the pregnancy which is faced by the lady is unwanted to her that means when the lady is not willing to keep the child. The procedure basically depends upon the type of pregnancy or the time period of the pregnancy.

An abortion where the lady is actually willing to abort the child is known to be induced abortion. Here the pregnancy which the lady faces is unwanted to her as she does not wants to keep the child any further in her life. Such kind of pregnancies arises when the two of them do not use proper protection while making love with each other. Such situations gives rise to such a pregnancy which later on is aborted by people. In such cases the patient is free to choose as to which kind of procedure they are willing to use for their type of pregnancy. Induced abortions are planned abortions so people then look out for a procedure to be followed for ending up such pregnancies from their life.

Another type of abortion is said to be a natural abortion where the child is terminated from the womb of the mother on its own and the people are helpless about it as such abortions are not planned and in addition to it these abortions are quite heart breaking for the two of them as they do not wish for such an abortion. It is also known as a Miscarriage by many people across the world.

There are various procedures which are followed up for ending the pregnancy. Out of the entire most preferred one is medical abortion. Surgical abortion is also an option but not all of them are said to be opting for it as a surgical abortion is quite expensive and not affordable for a common man. Such abortions carry so much of costs including the cost of hospital, travel expense, cost of medicines, etc which makes it impossible for a common man to opt for. Surgical abortion is preferred only when the pregnancy faced by the person is more than 6 weeks.

If the pregnancy is less than 6 weeks then medical abortion can be opted. A person can go for MTP kit. This kit is the best as it is a combination of two types of pills which is Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone comes in 200mg and is only 1 tablet where as Misoprostol is 200mcg and carries 4 tablets. All the 5 together constitute for a better abortion in the women.