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Mifegest is a complete abortion pill holds two active components called mifepristone and misoprostol. It is also termed as MTP kit, which admitted one of the best abortion pills to end unwished pregnancy. In today world medical abortion found working more than the surgical abortion. Medical abortion is been found acting effectively recommended by the doctors to end early pregnancy, a pregnancy not proceeding than 8 weeks of time. Or else you will have to go under surgical abortion. This great MTP kit has been proposed to conclude or terminate an early pregnancy.


Description about the medicine 

MTP kit includes 1 pill of abortifacient of 200 mg to take orally & 4 tablets of 200 mg of misoprostol, which can be taken vaginally or orally considering the condition. Normally, it is recommended to take orally when you run with 8th week of pregnancy. This process is termed as medical termination of maternity of 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. As mifepristone leads to obstruct the act of Lipo-Lutin it measured to end a maternity. Abortion-embracing pills jointly exhibit anti-gluco corticoid & weak anti-androgenic performance. Misoprostol is measured a synthetic autocoid. Here, Misoprostol pointed liable to dissolve the cervix & hence making female internal reproductive organ to bond & also hinder viscose acid release in humans.

How to use it

MTP Kit recommended for the therapeutic extinction of intrauterine pregnancy up to 63 days of conception. To ease the role of the treatment, pregnancy is dated from the first day of the final ousting amount in a very likely 28th day cycle with biological way taking place at mid-cycle. The stage of pregnancy may also get stanch from banishing a clinical appraisal.

The dosage is recommended of abortion-inducing embracing the power of 200 mg should to be gulped through mouth followed by 1–3 days after by misoprostol intake vaginally. One needs to run it under the complete guidance of the doctor. Well, the entire course of pregnancy termination through medication has to be done under direction of the experts.


Mifepristone acts as like an anti-progesterone way this further assists easing the course of pregnancy termination.


Misoprostol outcomes with evict of the late fetus out from the womb in the face of tissues & blood.

Safety method to follow by the user

  • One must run the dosage keenly under the eye vision of the experts.
  • Well, the MTP kit has been advised for the users in precise condition, it might not declared right for another person to be suitable or safe, & may outcome for that person as a health concern risk. Thus its intake is advised to run under the eye vision of the doctor.
  • Any defensive need to be detached before treatment with abortion-inducing medication.
  • A surgical process has been advised to go under in case if the medical abortion fails to work.

Bleeding, slight stomach pain, head pain, drowsiness, weakness, puke, giddiness, etc. Store the medicine under the room temperature not ranging with the heat, sunrays, dampness & small kids. Placing it in the box found safer for the medicine enduring.