Abortion is a procedure which should be carried out only when the person is really ready for it and when they are completely sure about their decision. For a person to go for an abortion into their life they need to make sure that they are pregnant. Such big decisions cannot be taken alone and so you need to talk to at least one member at your place if you really wish to end up your pregnancy. Abortion should be done or abortion is carried out in two respective cases. The first one is where a person does not really wish to keep the child as they are not ready for it. Such pregnancies are usually termed as unwanted pregnancies that are not really planned and so these people are left with no option but aborting the child. Such unwanted pregnancies arise in the life of a man due to not using proper protection hen making love with your respective partner. Other reason due to which such abortions has to be done in the lady is ill health. Many a times it happens to be, that the lady faces issues in her pregnancy period and sometimes the risk of her life to death increases due to the pregnancy which means aborting the child becomes necessary for them.  Hence the child is said to be aborted then.

Abortion should be done due to the procedure which is best suitable for the lady and not as per your own convenience. For instance, if the lady is facing a pregnancy that is for about 8 to 9 weeks old then she can go for a simple procedure like medical abortion. But if the lady is facing a pregnancy that exceeds the time period of 9 weeks then they misty go for a procedure that is quite strong enough and where the foetus has to be removed from the womb of the lady. Such an abortion is said to be a surgical abortion. Most of the ladies do not wish to opt for this particular procedure as they really wish to end up their pregnancy through a procedure that is cheap at cost plus very effective. A medical abortion is one such procedure where the pregnancy can be ended at a very cheap cost. A surgery costs a lot and then not many people end up going for this sort of procedure so such people who face a pregnancy that is for about 89 to 9 weeks they opt for a medical abortion instead of a surgery. Medical abortions provide a person with complete privacy and they are also very cheap at cost.

MTP kit is an abortion pill which assists a lady in aborting their child. This kit is an FDA approved kit and so it is very safe for the people using it. MTP kit consists of 5 tablets inside it, the 1 tablet is of Mifepristone that holds the power of 200mg and the other one is of Misoprostol with the power of 200mcg and the tablets are 4. All together has to be taken for a safe abortion.