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You need to mark that you assure your pregnancy before use go for the check up an know how old the pregnancy is and after that you need to go to the doctor for the suggestion than doctor will guide you what to do and how to do as like what to use to terminate the early pregnancy; Whether to go for surgical abortion or non-surgical abortion because if you hold late pregnancy than you have to go for surgical abortion and if you hold early pregnancy than you have to use non-surgical abortion. So make sure that you gulp the pills with enough amount of simple water and that too without breaking and mashing. Further, se to it that you enough healthy to gulp and bear the pills. You have to be free from all kind of health disorders if you are suffering with any health complications than talk to the doctor before use of abortion pills online. You need make sure that you don’t run two different medicines together with abortion pills make sure that you keep enough gaps between the dosages. Also see to it that you avoid driving or operating any machinery works an abortion pills with discount brings giddiness after practice. So, to get safe from any kind of accidents and uncertainties; also assure that you are at breast feeding act because this may harm the baby. Moreover, you need to see that you don’t move anywhere much because taking this abortion pills brings bleeding and that to heavy bleeding which lasts for minimum 14 days.