Mifeprex terminate early pregnancy

A woman gets pregnant because of the unprotected sex. It might happen that couples do have sex so that they can plan their baby or they may have done their family planning. But many times a woman may get pregnant due to the lack of precautions taken while having the intercourse. A woman may not only get pregnant but may also suffer from various sexual diseases as well.

 The couple may forget to take precautions while having intercourse and this leads to the unwanted pregnancy. The pregnancy is the ability in the woman to give birth to other living being. There are number of pills to abort a baby. But to have effective termination of the pregnancy you can buy the abortion pills as well. A woman usually asks where I get abortion pills, for them here comes the solution of the drug called as Mifeprex. Mifeprex is used widely to terminate the pregnancy at home. Mifepristone abortion is used to terminate the early pregnancy which is no longer than 7 weeks. Mifeprex is also namely called as Mifepristone and RU486. This medication alone is not sufficient to terminate the pregnancy completely and hence used with the combination if Misoprostol also known as cytotec.

The women consuming this medication alone may also suffer from various side effects or you may also suffer from the allergic reactions like swelling of the lips, throats, skin or difficult breathing etc. The only disadvantage of using this medication is that this medication should not be used beyond 7 weeks of pregnancy. Before the intake of mifepristone you should be ready to visit your doctor or physician thrice. You should prefer your doctor or physician immediately if you suffer from following symptoms for about 24 hours: ongoing fever, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

The possibility of getting pregnant again after terminating the pregnancy using mifeprex is very high. You must consult the doctor or physician to check whether the pregnancy is termination is successful or not. If the pregnancy is not properly terminated then the woman may continue her pregnancy unknowingly.  So the woman should confirm her termination of the pregnancy by the doctor otherwise it may happen that the pregnancy will continue.

Procedure to take Mifeprex:

[DAY1] At first visit to your doctor you will have to take 3 pills of mifeprex orally at same time.

[DAY2] After 3 days second visit to the doctor, the doctor will check whether termination of pregnancy takes place or not. The doctor will check the uterus of the woman. If the woman is still pregnant then the doctor will ask her to take 2 pills of Misoprostol on that day. Misoprostol will cause heavy bleeding, cramp and clotting as well.

[DAY3] After 2 weeks the woman will have her third visit to the doctor, again the doctor will check her uterus whether the pregnancy is ended completely.

The woman may continue bleeding for more than 3o days but she should be in touch with her doctor or the physician.