MTP kit for those women who needs an abortion with pills!

The woman may get pregnant because if unprotected intercourse. Some women may plan to get pregnant while some women's may get pregnant unwantedly. The women who are willing to get pregnant will get happy once they come to know about their pregnancy but some women may get disappointed and may feel down if they are unwantedly pregnant. The woman may get worried if she is pregnant unexpectedly. As she will have to perform certain actions to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. To get rid of unwanted pregnancy the woman needs to conduct an abortion process for successful termination of unwanted pregnancy.

The abortion was a complicated task in the early days and needed doctor intervention, as the only way to terminate the unwanted pregnancy was a small surgery. The termination of unwanted pregnancy with the help of surgery is known as surgical abortion. But nowadays you can terminate your unwanted pregnancy successfully with the help of drugs and medications. Yes, new medications were developed to terminate the pregnancy. The termination of unwanted pregnancy with help of pills and medications is also known as medical abortion. The medical abortion is a better and convenient way for successful termination of unwanted pregnancy.

For medical abortion, you need to count the week of pregnancy. Based on the week of pregnancy an appropriate medication is needed to be taken. The different medication terminates different week of pregnancy. Likewise to terminate 9-week pregnancy MTP kit is used. The MTP kit is the popular and effective drug used to terminate the unwanted pregnancy effectively. However, MTP kit will only be used to terminate the 9-week pregnancy. If a woman is more than 9 weeks pregnant, then she may need to consult the doctor for termination of her unwanted pregnancy. You can buy MTP kit online so that you can have it as per your need and terminate the pregnancy at home as well. The only thing is the medications should be taken in the specified order and as per the given instructions.The MTP kit is not a single medication but in the combination of two medications mifepristone and misoprostol.

These two medications are also used separately and alone to terminate 7 weeks and 8-week pregnancy. The mifepristone is also well known by name Mifeprex and misoprostol is also known by name Cytotec. Both of these medications terminate your pregnancy efficiently. The Mifeprex is also used to terminate a 7-week pregnancy while Cytotec is also used to terminate the 8-week pregnancy. But the for the termination of 9-week pregnancy the combination is a must. The woman more than 9-week pregnancy can never have these medications as it will not terminate the pregnancy successfully but will lead to severe complications. The woman's who are ectopic pregnant should not have an MTP kit at all. Because no medication can ever be used to terminate an ectopic pregnancy. The woman should consider the doctor to check whether she is an ectopic pregnancy. You can terminate an ectopic pregnancy using MTP kit.