What does medication abortion mean?

We all know what does abortion means. Abortion generally means miscarriage of pregnancy. Nowadays, you may go for any abortion option. Two termination pregnancy options are surgical abortion and medication abortion. You may go for any one of these options as preferable or suggested by your doctor. Medication abortion is a method of abortion by using different abortion pills. Medication abortion is also known as medical abortion. Most used medication abortion pills are MTP KIT, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol. Nowadays, these medications are widely available all over the world. Even now you can buy abortion pills online. You can also visit the nearest chemist for abortion pills.

Medication abortion is not a harmful method of aborting the pregnancy. Medication abortion is commonly used at the early stage of pregnancy. This medication blocks the hormones which naturally develop pregnancy. One can buy anyone of this medication for termination of pregnancy. These all abortion pills have almost same effectiveness.

 MTP KIT is best used for aborting the pregnancy. Mifepristone is used for aborting pregnancy followed by medication misoprostol.MTP KIT is best used for women pregnancy period of seven weeks or 50days.MTP KIT gives 90%-99% of effective results. Most women also buy MTP KIT online because it not possible to find in every country. Mifepristone (Mifeprex) is also a medication used for early termination of pregnancy. Mifepristone gives 99% of the effective result. This medication is not available in every country. Therefore, one can buy Mifeprex online.

Similarly, Misoprostol is also used as an abortion pill. Misoprostol can use before completing 12-week of pregnancy in women. In every country, the use of mifepristone is not allowed. Therefore, most women make only use of misoprostol for aborting the pregnancy. Misoprostol is 90%-99% effective for termination of pregnancy.

This medication abortion can be done either in any clinic or healthcare where these medical procedures take places. Or you can purchase these abortion pills from your nearby chemist store and get treated at home. Sometimes, these abortion pills may not be available at your nearby chemist store. Then, you can also buy abortion pills online. While you will use any of this abortion pills for termination pregnancy, you may suffer from different side effect. Some of these side effects are vaginal bleeding, vomiting, cramping, abdominal pain, nausea, cough, fever, diarrhea etc.

Before using this abortion pill get consulted with your doctor. Without any complete knowledge of these abortion pills don’t go for any further use. The doctor will advise you well before its use. The doctor will examine your current and past medical condition. He/she will examine that whether you don’t have allergic to any of these ingredients of abortion pills. He/she will advise if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day don’t make use of these abortion pills. Depending on the age, you will be advised that whether these abortion pills are beneficial to your body or not. Above than 35 ages, women cannot use these abortion pills.

Medication abortion is a safer way for aborting the pregnancy.