Termination of pregnancy using Natural Remedies

Termination is the term wherein pregnancy is ended. This is a very tough decision taken by women. While deciding about the termination a woman needs to consider all the things like a thinking of society, economic stability, and health. Nowadays women buy abortion pills online so that they can terminate their pregnancy in private. Women can abort their pregnancy in two ways one is medical and other is surgical. Surgical abortion is not preferred mostly because they use instruments which can lead to infections. Though medical and surgical ways of abortion are used you can even use natural ways of terminating.

Green Papaya:

                       In many of the countries, you can notice that doctor advice the pregnant ladies to stay away from raw papaya. This is the best and trusted remedy used to abort the pregnancy of 2-6 weeks. The raw papaya contains a high amount of enzymes which is papain. This enzymes act as prostaglandin and oxytocin which helps in abortion. It contains vitamin C which helps you to induce menstrual cycle which can lead to abortion.

You can use the following remedy:

  • Take a small sized raw papaya and deseed it, cut it into small pieces
  • In a saucepan add 2 cups of water and papaya and let it cook for 10-15 minutes
  • Add salt, pepper and half spoon of lemon juice. Make sure to intake this mixture during breakfast and meals till you get the results.

                      This is the ingredient used in everyone's kitchen. Consuming cinnamon can help you to stimulate the uterus and lead to abortion. The abortion can be achieved only if you consume cinnamon in more quantity. Some of the people even use cinnamon and other remedies to get the quick results. Cinnamon can also be used even after a miscarriage because it has such elements which help you in the healing process. Use cinnamon without cooking it.

For having an abortion you can use the following remedy:

  • Blend 4-5 cinnamon sticks into a fine powder.
  • To a glass of water add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder.
  • Mix it well and drink it immediately. Use this remedy daily till you have an abortion.

If you do not want to consume raw cinnamon then you can use its supplement form as it is easily available in the market. But make sure that you do not consume it in too much quantity as it may harm your skin.

Vitamin C:

                   Vitamin C is a very important factor which helps you in termination. Due to consuming vitamin C in high quantity the level of progesterone drops down and estrogen level increases due to which fetus cannot develop and leads to termination of pregnancy. You can consume vitamin C rich food like oranges, pepper, kiwi, and broccoli. Consuming daily 12 grams of Vitamin C helps you to terminate the pregnancy within 3-6days.

               Parsley is not only rich in vitamin C but it also decreases the level of progesterone due to which cervix dilates and uterine lining begins to get thin due to which abortion takes place. This is one of the best remedies which you can use during the first trimester.

Follow the process to naturally abort the baby:

  • Take a handful of parsley and wash it thoroughly.
  • Blend it into juice with the help of cup of water
  • Drink it immediately and repeat this process 2-3 times daily.