Delaying your period using natural remedies

Menstruation is natural and every women and girl do face this problem. Menstruation is one of the signals which prove that female’s body is ready for reproduction. While periods are natural there is a stage in your life wherein you wish to delay your periods. Menstruation whenever comes it brings lots of pain and mood swing. There are many of the medications which you can use but every time popping up a pill is not the right thing. Every time using these pills can create hormonal imbalance due to which menstruation cycle gets disrupted.

Instead of using medications you can stick to some of the natural remedies which can help you to delay the periods:

Apple cider vinegar:

    This is one of the best and effective remedies which can help you delay your periods. Apple cider vinegar is not only good for fat loss and diabetes but is also helpful in delaying periods as well. It not only helps to delay the periods but also helps to decrease the blood flow which you face during the postmenstrual phase. Add 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and consume it thrice a week. This can help you to delay the menstruation by one week.

Gram lentils:

       Gram lentils are one of the traditional remedies which help you delaying periods. Gram lentils are first fried and then powdered completely. This powder is used for the soup base by adding some amount of water. You need to consume this soup in morning on empty stomach for a week. You need to start with this remedy one week before the expected date.


         Cucumber has a cooling effect which helps to delay the menstruation. This crunchy vegetable is having cooling effects, it helps to cool down your body and delay your periods. Before one week of the expected date, you need to consume cucumber on regular basis and you would see that your periods are been delayed.


       Gelatin is used for quick relief. This is one of the best remedies which can help you to delay your menstruation. You just need to add a packet of gelatin to the glass f warm water and consume it. You may notice that your periods get delayed for 4 hours. This remedy can be used if you have an emergency.


        Like cucumber, even watermelon has cooling properties which help to delay your periods. Excess heat in the body can make your periods occur early and eating watermelon can help to reduce the heat in the body and makes your body cool which helps in delaying your menstruation.


         Like cucumber and watermelon, banana also helps to postpone your periods for 2-3 days. You can eat 2 bananas and consume a glass of water. This process should be followed 4-5 days before the actual date to get the results.

Stay away from spicy food:

          Spicy food heats up your body due to which your menstruation triggers early. Hence avoiding spicy food can help you to delay the periods.