Smoking Cigarette is Injurious for Pregnancy

A woman must be very cautious while pregnancy as anything and everything consumed by them contributes to the growth of their baby. The reason why a woman is asked to consume healthy food or food items that consists necessary vitamins is that that helps the fetus grow well. Some food items are always prohibited while pregnancy such as raw and undercooked meat or fish, caffeine, supplements that contain Vitamin A, liver products, some range of fishes, etc.

Just think about it, if food items can be harmful to a person then how worst could be the effects of chemical products? Yes, women smoking cigarettes do not understand the fact that they are actually consuming chemicals which is not only affecting their body but is also causing harm to the baby.

Cigarette consists of carbon monoxide and nicotine which is worst for the fetus. People planning for a baby must stop smoking if they are cigarette addicts. Risk factors reduce if you quit smoking in early stages of your pregnancy. Make sure not to consume cigarette even after the birth of the child because it lowers the risk of the child facing any sort of breathing issues.

How does smoking affect the baby?

A woman who consumes cigarette is likely to face an early birth of their child which also means a premature baby. The child inside can face the loss of oxygen and becomes very difficult to grow or breathe inside. Also while birth the baby tends to weigh a lesser amount of than 5 ½ pounds. Even the slightest of smoking habit can be injurious to the body of a smoker becomes way more sensitive to nicotine.

Effects on the baby-

Size and weight

The more you smoke the shorter the baby is. Smoking has a direct effect on the body as well as the weight of the newborn. Smokers tend to deliver undersized babies. If you are habitual to a full pack of the cigarette then you can expect half a pound shredded off from the babies actual weight. If you consume two packets you are likely to deliver a baby who has a whole and lesser of their actual size. Underweight and undersize can cause serious health issues after birth to the child.


Bodies of smoker’s kids tend to be underdeveloped. Nicotine has a really bad impact on the child. As soon as they are born they fail to breathe on their own which is why they have respirators attached initially. Once they start breathing on their own they tend to face adverse breathing issues as their lungs take time to develop completely due to excessive consumption of nicotine.


Smoking can also affect the heart. In many cases, kids of smokers tend to face heart imperfections or some disorder related to the heart. The flow of blood is somehow decreased causing some severe health issues.

Functioning of Brain

Smoker’s kids are likely to bear lower IQ level; they tend to be slow learners including other learning problems.

What can be done to avoid these problems?

If you really wish to give your baby a better and moreover a healthy life, then gift them by giving up on your habit of Smoking. Quitting your bad habit can benefit your baby and free them from all the upcoming health hazards.