What are the symptoms of having twin pregnancy?

Out of 30 pregnancies, only 1 women can have the chance of having more than one baby.  There are very rare chances of women carrying twin’s, triplets, quadruplets, etc. the feeling of pregnancy makes women feel happy as well brings the symptoms that she need to deal with the whole pregnancy.

It is very difficult for women to know that she is carrying more than one baby:

Elevated HCG:

        Your pregnancy test will show the results positive soon if you are pregnant with twins. This is due to high HCG levels which increases due to multiples and it is been indicated too soon. It is very difficult to know the exact level of a home pregnancy test. Hence you need to consult your gynecologist. If you doctor come across increased HCG level then he will prescribe you to ultrasound and you will be able to discover the pregnancy with twins.

Strong nausea and morning sickness:

          During pregnancy, it is normal to experience the symptom of nausea and vomiting. This happens due to increase in HCG level. If you notice this symptom getting extreme then this is a sign of having hyperemesis gravidarum. This happens if you have too much of nausea and vomiting. This condition mostly occurs if you are pregnant with twins.

Extreme fatigue:

           During pregnancy, it is normal that women may face the problem of fatigue. Due to pregnancy, your energy is also been transferred to your baby this is the reason why you feel low during pregnancy. Women carrying twins may face this symptom getting extreme as compared to women carrying a single pregnancy.

Increase in weight and baby bump:

          If you are carrying twins then your weight may increase by 5kgs during the first trimester and also the size of the baby bump may increase. By second trimester you may gain 7-12kgs whereas women having a single baby may gain only 5-10kgs.

You are more hungry than usual:

               Growing a baby is very hard work and that to twins than it becomes tougher. If you are carrying a single baby then you need to eat for two and the mothers who carry twins need to eat for three. Your body may also indicate if it requires more. As most of the women do not come to about there pregnancies early and they do not eat enough that heir body requires due to which they may feel hungry. Getting hungry during this time makes you remember to have a proper diet so that it can help your baby grow.

Your hormones are out of control:

                   It is normal that women may have a mood swing during pregnancy period. Twins pregnancy faces multiple things which are not been faced during singleton pregnancies. During twins pregnancies, the body creates a lot of hormones to fulfill the growing demands of the baby due to which mom’s mood swings will be more evident.

Though this is the symptoms that are been noticed still after you come to know that you are pregnant it's better than consult your gynecologist. Women who are carrying the pregnancy for the first time may not come to know about the difference between carrying single and twins’ pregnancy.