Sustaining Balance between Work and Pregnancy

So many women out there who career-oriented fail are to continue their work as not many companies provide a long maternity leave. Most of them have to leave their dream job and take care of their unborn infant, but some women can definitely maintain both pregnancies as well as their work life and so this blog is dedicated to those women out there who wish to work along with their pregnancy.

If someone is healthy enough and leading a normal pregnancy, then the doctors do allow those women to work. The only criteria are that your work should not include you coming in contact with any sort of chemical or any inappropriate activity. Some women are also advised to work till 8 months as they are quite healthy and leading a healthy fetus. You will for sure weaken by the end of the day, but that does not cause any harm to your health unless you take good care of yourself and take ample amount of rest after work. It is good to take a month or a week off before your due-date and give yourself time to relax your body, be fresh and happy and take as much rest as you can.

Maintaining the professional image during pregnancy

Pregnancy does affect you at your workplace so you need to take care of certain pointers before continuing with your work during pregnancy

Throughout the first and third-trimester, women feel uneasiness, distress, or fatigue, but vice versa during the second trimester as at that point of time you feel pretty active as well as focused. These problems though are very normal and do happen to even a normal human, but you must talk about it to any of your trusted co-workers as they must be prepared if any inconvenience happens or if your health worsens.

Even though the pregnancy is visible you can still keep it confidential. Try not to criticize much about the problems you are facing during your pregnancy, especially when your co-workers are nearby. This is being advised because working during pregnancy is anyway not supported by many in your workplace so it is better not to complain in front of them and giving them a chance to speak against your decision.

During your working hours, when your supervisor is not around, you can probably take a few minutes out for yourself and daydream, think about your unborn child, be happy, meditate but just be careful when your co-workers are around.

Managing morning sickness at the office

A lot of women suffer from vomiting or nausea while you are at work. In such cases, you can talk to your healthcare provider and ask them for harmless medicines or ways through which you can stay away from these issues. Pregnant women do require a lot of things go along them, which is not possible to carry each day such as a variety of food items, towels, mouthwash, stash plastic bags, etc. Talk to your boss and ask for co-operation which can help you with safer pregnancy.

Stay Comfortable in your workplace through these easy steps

Wear Comfortable Outfits

Wear loose and comfortable maternity outfits followed by comfy shoes which provides ease during pregnancy. You can also wear compression stockings to avoid varicose veins.

Small Movements

You must get up and walk for a few minutes to avoid swelling of your leg or ankle. Also, when you up to make sure to undergo certain exercises to save you from a backache. 

Take small breaks

Give yourself some time and get up and talk to someone, eat something healthy and something of your likings to avoid mood swings. 

Consume plenty of water- Keep a bottle on your desk and drink as much as water as you can. This will help you refill the bottle again and give you the chance to get up and walk.