Follow This Simple Diet after Medical Abortion

When a woman undergoes an abortion through abortion pills, it tends to take away few essentials and nutrients from the body. After the abortion, the body loses some energy and hence it is extremely important to get back those nutrients and take good care of you after abortion. A woman who has undergone pregnancy termination through MTP Kit online must follow a proper regime to recover from an abortion. Eating plays a major role in recovery hence what matters the most is your diet after abortion. Abortion causes severe blood flow, hence a lot of blood is been passed out during an abortion, which eventually makes you lose essential components and iron from the body too.

To retain them you must follow a healthy regime and add the below-mentioned components into your diet-

Consumption of Water

Women usually face dehydration after their pregnancy termination process. Abortion generally leads them to diarrhea and too much sweating. This causes dehydration and makes you lose a lot of water content from your body. It is important to then have about 10-12 glasses of water every day to keep your body well hydrated. Having a lot of water also keeps you away from constipation.


Protein is a must in the diet to keep your body fit. During an abortion, the body tends to be weak and hence you must consume a good amount of protein in your diet. Adding protein to your diet builds up the strength and makes your body back to normal. There are a few food items that are rich in protein. Hence making sure to add these in your diet. Some of them are green leafy vegetables, cottage cheese, almonds, avocado, eggs, peas, carrots, etc. also, there are few other supplements that are rich in protein, hence you can consume those as well.

Non-vegetarian food

Non-vegetarian food items are also good for the body which adds a good amount of protein to the body and helps build up your health really well and soon. Some of these food items are the best for recovery such as shellfish, tuna fish, beef, chicken, etc. as they are high in protein.

Vitamins & Minerals

Your body definitely requires food components that are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can include food products like eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, dates, tender chicken, liver, fish, meat, etc. these food products generally build up your immune system. Avoid consuming spicy food or adding spices to the above-mentioned food items.

Digestive food

You must eat food products that can be digested easily. Hence consuming food items that are oily and greasy can cause harm and do not digest easily. Avoid consuming aerated drinks, junk food or any other outside food items that can be dangerous. You can add food products like hawthorn, radish, bitter melon, oranges, etc.

Fat-free food products

Food items that are hard to digest are harmful to the body as mentioned above. Avoid fatty food items and go for fat-free dairy products also such as fat-free milk, which will provide enough calcium, vitamins, and minerals to the body.