Know how to get a successful abortion with Misoprostol

How to start an abortion process?

If you are suffering from the dilemma of how to get an abortion then you should first make sure that you get an ultrasound done. This will help you to first know your pregnancy period and then it will let you know what your pregnancy type is. If you are not suffering from ectopic pregnancy then you can make sure that you buy Abortion Pills online. You should not take this medication if you are suffering from the problem of allergy with Misoprostol or any of the inactive ingredients present in it. You should also make sure that you use this medication after confirming with the doctor about any other medication, whether herbal or non-herbal medication or prescribed or non-prescribed that you are taking.

What is the preparation?

  • If you are reading to have a medical abortion then you should do a few things first
  • Remove your IUD device or it will intensify your pelvic pain and then you can start with the process of the abortion pill.
  • You should keep a stock of maxi-pads as well as regular pads to use during the heavy or scant bleeding. This will help you to refrain from any inflammation. You should never use tampons or menstrual cups though you may wish to do so during the later days of pregnancy this can lead to inflammation as blood clots and pregnancy parts keep on flowing out till the 4th week also. 
  • You should prepare a comfortable place for yourself in any of part of the room where you can enjoy without getting bored. 
  • Keep a hot pack along with you all the time so that you can use it whenever you are suffering from the problem of excessive stomach pain.
  • You can also keep a painkiller along with you whenever you feel that you are suffering from intense pain.

How may dose of Misoprostol to buy?

You can buy Misoprostol online but in case you want to get an abortion at 12 weeks then you will require 12 pills of this medication. You should make sure that you do not take any of the medication that contains magnesium in it.

How to take this pregnancy termination pill?

If you wish to take this Misoprostol pill then it is best to be taken vaginally as the mucosal administration of this pill help in getting the best results for abortion but in case you wish to have a confidential abortion then you should take it buccally by keeping it in the cheek pouch. After the medication gets easily dissolved, you can ingest your saliva. You can take a glass of water after half an hour to allow the remaining part of the medication to be ingested with water.

Who should not take this Misoprostol medication?

All those who are suffering from the problem of heart or suffering from any liver or kidney disease should not take this medication. All those who are suffering from the problem of irregular bleeding should not take this medication. In fact, those who are above the age of 35 should consult the doctor before taking this medication. Similarly, all those who are below the age of 18 should not self-assess their abortion.