Preparations before Opting for Medical Abortion

Abortion is never an easy option, hence women who look for pregnancy termination are actually quite stressed about it. It is important to support the female and provide them some moral support. It becomes quite easier for the women to cope with the mental stress when she is being given emotional support which can be either through their spouse, friends, family or anyone whom you can easily trust and share your feelings with. Women after good research tend to opt for a method for abortion. For pregnancies that are 70 days old, can make use of medical abortion rather than a surgical abortion. There are a few things you need to take into consideration before you buy Abortion Pill online and make use of it for abortion.

Opinion on Health

Whenever you plan for a medical termination it is important to consult the doctor and undergo a complete check-up. Your physician will speak to you regarding your health problems, past pregnancies, any recent treatment you have undergone, situations, etc. They will also let you know about the risks that have been involved in the whole process, inform you about various options. If you have any sort of query or any questions related to the abortion process make sure to ask them and discuss it because that’s the best time to talk about it.


An ultrasound is the second most important thing that has to be done after a complete health check-up. This basically lets doctor knew about your pregnancy duration, the size of your fetus, etc. Determining the pregnancy duration, thus confirms that the pregnancy duration is suitable enough for a medical abortion. A blood test is something which is also essential as doctors need to check if the body has enough iron to carry the process or not.

Before taking the Abortion Pill

Before a woman plans to Order Abortion Pill online, make sure that you are well aware of the functioning and the after-effect of the abortion. You must know which abortion medication is the best suitable for you hence talk to your physician about it. You must carefully plan your abortion before you take up with this method because as soon as you take the second Abortion Pill, you start facing severe contractions in the womb and also cramps. You will have to carry out an abortion at a place where you can get enough time and space to rest because it is extremely important to take good rest during and after abortion as well. Make sure you do have your mate along while carrying out an abortion because you might require certain medical assistance at any given point of time.

Maintain a proper diet

While undergoing a medical abortion, your physician will definitely inform you to follow a proper diet. Before you take Abortion Pill you will be suggested to consume a light food diet and consume more and more fluids to keep the body well hydrated. Alcohol consumption is strictly restricted during a pregnancy for at least 3-4 days. You can always ask for a proper diet chart from your physician regarding prior abortion and post-abortion.