Ways to terminate pregnancy and types of abortion

The termination of pregnancy is of two types which include induced abortion and spontaneous abortion. Induced abortion basically means abortion carried out intentionally which can be done through two possible ways that are medical and surgical abortion. Spontaneous abortion can be referred as an abortion, which occurs naturally wherein you need not buy abortion pill online and consume it or undergo a surgery.

Abortion is basically a method of bringing out the fetus along with the left pregnancy sections. Millions of women opt for an abortion in case of an unwanted pregnancy. It is quite normal to terminate a pregnancy if the woman or the couple is not ready for the unborn. As per a recent research, we came across a rough figure wherein 40% of women opt for an abortion at some point in time in their lives. Let’s closely study the types of abortion and how to terminate a pregnancy.

Spontaneous Abortion

Spontaneous abortion, often known as miscarriage happens in 20-25% of cases. Such an abortion generally does not involve any procedure or use of any tools or equipment. In 90% of cases, this abortion occurs in the second or third month specifically in the first trimester. You always need to check the symptoms of pregnancy as in certain cases the fetus gets aborted without the women being aware of it.

There are a few reasons involved in a miscarriage such as health complications, chromosomal abnormalities, etc. This sort of an abortion is said to be incomplete when the sections of the fetus or the whole of the placenta are left inside the womb. The symptoms are different and vary as per the duration of pregnancy. Miscarriage occurs in the cases where a woman has already experienced two-three miscarriages in the past. Women experiencing pregnancy in the age of 17 years or above 35 years are likely to face a miscarriage. In most of the cases, the risk of a natural abortion is low when the pregnancy crosses 10th week. Doctors always advise conceiving the first baby between the ages of 22-28 years of age as it is biologically safe.

Induced Abortion

Induced abortions are basically planned abortions wherein people either opt for a medical abortion and buy MTP Kit online or they make use of a surgical abortion. It is important to consult the doctor before opting for this method and be aware of its pro and cons. Both the methods are performed under the complete guidance of a licensed physician.

Let's understand the two different ways of termination-

Surgical Abortion:

It is the best decision to opt for a surgical abortion if your pregnancy is more than 10 weeks. Also, for an ectopic pregnancy, one must opt for this method. It just takes a few hours to a surgical abortion.

Medical Abortion:

Pregnancy can be easily terminated with the help of an Abortion Pill if the pregnancy duration is 70 days or less. Before you buy online Abortion Pill it is essential to consult the physician and understand the mechanism, dosage and side effects.