Which Signs Are Normal Post Consumption of Abortion Pill?

There are women who opt for a medical abortion without having sufficient knowledge over it and always end up suffering from the ill-effects post-abortion. There are few normal and temporary side effects that does happen and hit women during or post-abortion so one must be aware of it. Whenever you order Abortion Pill online you happen to get a leaflet or guidance manual inside which assists in carrying out the process better and smoother.

Below mentioned are few symptoms of abortion:

When women buy online Abortion Pill consume it for ending an unwanted pregnancy. As soon as the medicine is being ingested body, tends to react in a certain manner which indicates that the process of abortion has been started and also when it ends. The changes are thus noticeable in most of the cases after consumption of the secondary abortion pill. There are cases where women experience few changes after consumption of primary medication also.

  1. Severe Cramps- Uterine contractions occur due to the components of the abortion pill. Women tend to face cramps in the abdomen, which lasts for a few hours. The contractions/cramps can be moderate to severe depending upon the body type and pregnancy duration.
  2. Bleeding- Due to cramps in the abdomen women tend to experience vaginal bleeding. Bleeding brings out the dead fetus and pregnancy sections out and ends the abortion process. Ideally, a woman must experience vaginal bleeding within 24 hours of consumption of the secondary abortion pill. If this does not happen, one must seek immediate help from their respective physician. Ladies, make sure you use large sanitary pads also known as maxi pads and do not use tampons. Also, do not insert anything to avoid bacterial infection.

Side Effects of pregnancy termination pills:

Just like any other usual medication, even an abortion pill holds few ill-effects which certain woman may experience while some of them may not. One must understand the difference between the normal side effects and the ones which are disturbing. 
Below listed are few side effects that are quite normal and do not require special attention or doctor's treatment. They are quite temporary and tend to vanish as the abortion process comes to an end.

  • Vomiting
  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Mild fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Cramps

Signs that can be alarming:

  1. Unfinished abortion- There are very rare cases wherein women suffer from an incomplete abortion. If you do not bleed even after taking the second abortion pill that is Misoprostol, then make sure to inform your physician. If you cross the duration of 10weeks then you will have to get the rest of the pregnancy sections removed through surgical abortion. Also, if you are still eligible, you can repeat the second dose. Make sure to talk to the doctor before taking any decision.
  2. Severe ill-effects- The side effects mentioned earlier are quite temporary and do not require medical attention. If women experience heavy vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal cramps which cannot be treated at home, they have to consult the doctor and as soon as possible. Also, if fever persists longer one must seek immediate help.