False beliefs about medical abortion

Lots of women avoid the option of medical abortion and risk their life because of some false beliefs about medical abortion. Lots of women think that abortion can be done only in the surgical way at the hospital. If truth be told, it can be done at home by using abortion pill. For this there are two medicines that are used in combination, one is an anti-progesterone and other is a prostaglandin. Using both this medicine in combination can surely lead to successful abortion. Buying Abortion Pill online can help them to have a safe abortion at home with complete privacy.

There are some false beliefs about medical termination; women must be educated about the medical termination process. Here is a list of some of these myths,

Long-term side effects:

The use of an abortion pill will cause some side effects like diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, headache, weakness etc. but all these are temporary in nature. All these side effects won’t last for long. As soon as the termination process ends, these side effects will disappear. In some cases, side effects can be serious, but they can be treated and none of these side effects is the prolonged impact on a woman’s health.


The use of an abortion pill does not have any impact on future pregnancies. Medical abortion does not make a woman infertile. A woman will be as fertile as she was before using the abortion pill. This is one of the reasons why contraceptive pills are suggested after having an abortion.

It can be done at the clinic only:

There is no need to look for abortion centers. Consult with your gynecologist about your pregnancy and whether abortion can be done. If timings allow, you can perform an abortion at home by using abortion pill. There is no need to go anywhere since medicine arrives on your doorsteps you can perform this procedure with complete privacy.


Abortion is never a happy option but is necessary in case of unwanted pregnancy. Medical abortions don’t have any direct relation to depression. But abortion will cause a sudden change in hormones which can make a woman more emotional. Support from a partner can make a woman recover from the abortion process and will help to manage emotions.

Vitamin C pill for pregnancy termination:

A lot of information is available on the internet about how vitamin C causes natural termination of pregnancy which is completely wrong. Vitamin C does not cause abortion but an excess intake of vitamin C will cause an adverse effect. Combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit should be used to terminate the pregnancy. There are other similar medicines like RU486, Cytolog, Cytotec, and Mifeprex which can help with medical abortion.

Medical abortion is not hazardous and will not cause any lifetime impact on a woman’s health. If you have any doubts about the medical termination process, you can read online blogs and get guidance from health care website or direct consult with your doctors and get all information about pregnancy termination. Follow all the instruction given to have a safe abortion.