What care should be taken during the abortion process?

A lot of women take utmost care and precaution during pregnancy termination process which is required for successful termination and to avoid any kind of infection or complication. A woman’s body becomes very sensitive after having a medical abortion so it is necessary to understand what things should be done and what this should be avoided after pregnancy termination. To understand this, one must understand the process of pregnancy termination thoroughly.

Medical abortion process:

Medical abortion can be done either in a surgical way or by using abortion pills. Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill should be taken within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy to terminate the pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill online, they are easily available on various websites as well as in local medical stores. Both these medicines play an important role in pregnancy termination. The first medicine used in this process is Mifepristone which is an anti-progesterone medicine. It will cause the death of the fetus and will open the cervix. The second medicine is Misoprostol pill, which is a prostaglandin E1 medicine. It should be taken 24-48 after taking Mifepristone. It will dilate the cervix and will cause cramping and bleeding to expel pregnancy parts out of the uterus. Medical termination process will last for 10 to 15 days.

What things should be avoided during pregnancy termination process?

The process of pregnancy termination will last for 1-2 weeks depending upon the duration of pregnancy, health and how care has been taken after or during an abortion. Following are the things which should be avoided during the termination process.

Sexual intercourse:

During medical termination process vagina and the entire pelvic region become more sensitive. Inserting anything into the vagina during this process can lead to several infections and health risks. The use of an abortion pill won’t affect fertility and you still might get pregnant even after taking this medicine.

Drinking and smoking:

Drinking and smoking during a medical termination process can cause resistance to the contents of abortion pills. To avoid any kind of complication during the termination process and to heal sooner from this process one must stop drinking and smoking for some days. You can resume it after 10-15 days.


Tampons are usually used during menstrual periods. But using tampons during medical termination process can be harmful. Sometimes bleeding during the termination process is heavier than normal periods. Tampons can’t soak that much amount of blood. Use of tampons during this process can lead to several infections and health problems.

Excessive exercise:

Use of this medicine may cause heavy bleeding. Resuming exercise immediately after having an abortion can cause weakness, dehydration, fainting. It is suggested to avoid excessive exercise and outdoor activities after having an abortion. Such workout and outdoor activities can put pressure on your vagina, causing complications and will delay the recovery time.

One must remember all above mentions things when you buy Abortion Pill for medical termination of pregnancy. One will get recovered easily from medical abortion if you follow all instructions properly and as suggested by your doctor.