What precautions to be taken during pregnancy termination?

Using Abortion Pill is the best way to terminate a pregnancy. You can buy Abortion Pill online and perform pregnancy termination procedure at home. While performing a medical abortion procedure one must take care of some precautions. Without these precautions, the process of medical termination can be lengthy and complicated. It is advised not to take any other medicine without consulting with your doctor during the termination process.

Following are some precautions that one must follow while using Abortion Pills:

Avoid use of tampons:

Lots of women use tampons for menstruation management. You must avoid the use of tampons during the process of medical abortion. The flow of blood is heavier than the normal flow during periods tampons won’t soak that much of a flow. The vagina and entire pelvic region become more sensitive during pregnancy termination process and using of tampons may cause infection. Hence it is suggested to not to use tampons during this process.

Extensive exercise:

Doing exercise during pregnancy termination process can put pressure on the pelvic region. This may cause excessive blood flow. Doctors have advised to not to get involved in any physical activity or any outdoor activity which can cause heavy blood flow. Instead of this, you can perform yoga or stretching to get relief from pain. Heavy blood flow will cause dehydration and weakness.

Avoid sexual intercourse:

The vagina becomes very sensitive during the process of medical abortion. Inserting anything through vagina can make prone to bacterial infection. During sexual intercourse, penetration will make the situation more difficult. It will take more time to heal from the medical abortion process.

Avoid drink and smoke:

Drinking or smoking before or after medical termination process can make this process even harder. The alcoholic constituents can interact with the constituents of the Abortion Pill. Use of alcohol may stop the abortion process which can lead to several health problems. Using alcohol immediately after an abortion procedure can make it harder to recover from progress. You can take alcohol or smoke 15-20 days after the abortion.

If you follow all the instructions properly, you won’t experience any complication in your medical termination process and it will make the procedure even smoother. Consult your doctor before taking this medicine and follow all the instructions given by him. Consult him to check if you are allergic to any Abortion Pill and take appropriate medicine. There are many Abortion Pills available online like MTP kit, Cytotec, Mifeprex etc.

How to deal with side effects caused by this medicine?

Using this medicine will cause side effects like heavy bleeding, cramps, fever, dizziness, chest pain, gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, nausea etc. However, bleeding and cramps are expected and are only after effects of these pills these means your medical termination process has begun and will stop as soon as the process ends. If you experience any of the other side effects after using the Abortion Pill contact your doctor as soon as possible. Get a proper treatment for it while undergoing the abortion process.