What should be done while having an unplanned pregnancy?

An unwanted pregnancy can be the worst nightmare which any women may not wish to have. But when you have such a situation, it becomes necessary that you face the truth. An unplanned pregnancy can be easily terminated and do not need to think and get stressed due to it. While having any such situations it is necessary that you take all the decisions smartly and calmly. After having an unplanned pregnancy, most of the women immediately buy Abortion Pills and use them to get the pregnancy terminated at home corners, but make sure that you do not take any of the decisions in a hurry. 

Here are a few things which you need to do while having an unplanned pregnancy:

Confirm pregnancy:

Have a home pregnancy test, but most of the time doctors prescribe you to have an ultrasound test. Having ultrasound tests helps you to confirm the exact gestation period and also helps you to know if there are any complications. Women prefer using a home pregnancy test as this is one of the cheaper methods and also helps you to maintain the privacy of the termination.

Discuss with your partner:

Many of the women after having unplanned pregnancy can get depressed or stress and hence they are suggesting that they discuss it with their partner. Do not hold everything in yourself and share it with your partner. Discussing it with someone helps you to conclude the right and proper results regarding your termination.

Think how will it have an impact on your future?

Before thinking about any situation make sure that you do not jump to the conclusion. Think about every aspect which can have an effect on your decision so that you do not regret your decision. If you feel that this is not the right time to have a baby, then you can look for the options which help you.

Makes yourself available with the options and consult a health care provider.

If you have decided to terminate the pregnancy, you have two possible ways:

  • Medical termination
  • Surgical termination

Talk to your gynecologist and make sure that you are eligible for termination. If you have the gestation period of 8-10 weeks, then you can use abortion pills for termination of pregnancy. And if you are ineligible or have a gestation period of more than 10 weeks, then you need to opt for surgical termination.

Which method is comfortable to have a termination?

Surgical termination is done with the help of the instrument and also you need to visit the clinic to have a pregnancy termination with this process as well it is quite an expensive method to terminate the pregnancy. Medical termination is a more preferred method as well this is the cost-effective method which can be used for termination. Medical termination of pregnancy also helps you to maintain the privacy of the termination.

Understanding the method:

If you have chosen medical termination, then make sure that you understand the whole process regarding the administration of the abortion pills. You need to use Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills, which leads to temporary hormonal changes and leads to termination of pregnancy.