Which is better: Surgical abortion vs medical abortion?

Ability to bring a new life in this world is a blessing given to women by God. But sometimes there can be a situation when timings are not in your favor. That time you have to take a decision and abort the pregnancy. Aborting pregnancy is a very tough decision to make but it is also necessary to make. For those who wish to terminate a pregnancy, it can be done in two ways, either surgically or medically. Here we will be discussing both the scenario along with its procedure, side effects, precautions, and possible consequences.

A woman can choose any of the termination processes in early pregnancy. If you wish to terminate your pregnancy by taking medicines, it can be done with Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill. Unlike the surgical way, it doesn’t involve any surgical instruments in the termination process.

How this process works and for how long?

Surgical method may require multiple visits to the clinic. In this method, doctors will numb your cervix and will insert instruments to clean out your uterus. This can be done either by surgery or suction. This can be done within 6th to 20th week of the gestation period. This method won’t work successfully if it is performed within 6 weeks of the gestation period. In this method, termination is done within 10-20minutes but its side effects may last for a couple of weeks.

Medical abortion can be done at home and without making multiple visits to the clinic. This is more like a natural miscarriage technique. In this method, there are two medicines involved. The first medicine in this treatment will cause the death of the fetus and the second medicine will cause vaginal bleeding to expel the fetus out of the uterus. These medicines should be taken within 10 weeks of the gestation period. This method would last for 2 weeks.

How painful these processes are?

This is an invasive method that will cause mild or strong cramps. Painkiller medicines can be used in this treatment to get relief from pain.

This is an invasive method compared to surgical aspiration. Medicines involved in this method will cause bleeding and cramping to expel the fetus out. The intensity of these cramps depends on pregnancy duration.

Amount of bleeding:

The surgical method would cause light to moderate bleeding for 6 to 8 weeks.

Use of Misoprostol will cause bleeding and clotting during the termination process. Normal bleeding is seen for 9 to14 days. In some cases, it may last for longer than that.

Chances of failure:

This abortion process is 99 percent successful. In case if it fails, it has to be performed again. It is much costlier than medical termination process.

Abortion pills are 98 percent successful. In case if this process fails, a surgical method should be performed. Women can buy abortion pills online to get an abortion done with more privacy.

As we have analyzed both the method used for pregnancy termination and tablets used to assist pregnancy termination, a woman can prefer any suitable method according to her work schedules. Using abortion pills will always be an advantage for pregnancy termination.