Why avoid drinking and smoking during pregnancy termination?

There are certain conditions that must be passed to be eligible for pregnancy termination. It can be done either surgically or medically. The surgical method requires multiple visits to the clinic, whereas medical abortion can be done at home with the help of online Abortion Pills. Therefore, medical abortion is suggested over surgical abortion. For both, a woman must not be suffering from heart, liver or kidney disease. It is well-known fact that drinking and smoking may cause a cardiovascular problem, lung problem, kidney, and liver failure. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid drinking and smoking during a medical abortion. However, this is not the only reason for this.

The process of medical abortion includes two medicines i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill. It is generally suggested to stay away from alcohol while taking these medicines, as it may interfere negatively with contents of medicines. The nicotine contains present in cigarettes and ingredients found in alcohol may affect the nervous system. This may lead to abortion pill complications, liver damage, disorientation, dizziness or drowsiness. These all problems are unsafe and can endanger a pregnant woman’s life. 

Why the use of alcohol and cigarettes is harmful during pregnancy termination?

The process of medical termination should be followed step by step. Any missed dose can lead to complications so it is suggested to take doses on time. Higher or moderate intake of alcohol can lead to drowsiness, sleepiness and mood swings etc.

Therefore, buy abortion pill only if you are willing to stop drinking and smoking till termination process ends i.e. for 2-3 weeks at least. You can resume smoking and drinking once you get recovered completely and after getting an okay from your doctor. The ingredients present in alcohol and cigarettes may interfere with hormonal and body changes made during the pregnancy termination process.

Alcohol may work as anticoagulants and will cause thinning of blood, causing excessive loss of blood. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid intake of alcohol when you take Mifepristone or Misoprostol medicine for pregnancy termination.

What can be done to avoid drinking and smoking while having a medical abortion?

Some women are habitual drinkers and smokers; it is difficult for them to resist drinking and smoking. However, they must control their cravings and avoid drinking and smoking during this period.

If they want to stop craving for a drink, they can visit the rehabilitation center to share their experience or they can try to involve themselves in any other activities. They can involve themselves in some productive activities to distract them from drinking or can try switching to other healthy drinks. One of the ways to stop smoking cravings is to have lemon candy or to eat something consistently.

When can you resume drinking and smoking?

As said earlier you can continue drinking and smoking after you heal from the process and after confirmation of pregnancy termination. The process of termination may last for 10-15 days. However, it is suggested to wait for 3-4 weeks before you continue drinking and smoking.