How abortion will leave an impact on woman^s emotional health?

Even though abortion procedure is performed every day by many women it is not as simple as any other medical procedure. A woman has to be strong emotionally as well as physically to undergo this procedure. Reasons for terminating a pregnancy can vary from a woman to woman. The pregnancy termination process is performed either with the help of medicines or by performing surgery. Both methods are effective and will cease an unwanted pregnancy. However, most women prefer to buy online Abortion Pill kit to terminate a pregnancy medically.

Both these methods of pregnancy termination will leave a temporary impact on a woman's health. This impact can be psychological as well as physical. Before talking about what impact it will cause let us understand a few reasons behind pregnancy termination.

Reasons behind pregnancy termination:

Abortion is never an easy decision for a woman to make.  A woman may experience various feelings during and after pregnancy termination. Following are a few reasons that led to a woman to such decision are,

  • Not being financially strong to have a child
  • Physically incapable of sustaining a pregnancy
  • Rape victim
  • Not willing to compromise with career
  • Being pressurized by the family to terminate a female child

These are a few reasons why women took such a decision. These reasons may vary from situation to situation.

How will medical abortion's impact on emotional health?

A woman had an abortion or thinking about having an abortion, she must take her of her physical as well as emotional condition.

A woman may experience various negative feelings after having an abortion in the following cases,

  1. If had a history of psychological or emotional disorder
  2. If had an abortion during the last stage of pregnancy
  3. If being forced to terminate a pregnancy
  4. It doesn’t get support from partner, family or friends
  5. If abortion is against your religious opinions

These are a few factors that will leave a negative impact on a woman’s emotional health after pregnancy termination.

Going through the abortion process is never an easy option. Abortion causes a sudden hormonal change in the uterus that makes a woman more emotional after pregnancy termination. This will manipulate levels of estrogen, progestin, and progesterone during pregnancy termination. Such a change in hormonal levels will cause side effects like grief, regrets, trouble sleeping, shame, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc. All these are a few negative side effects of the termination process.

If you are experiencing negative side effects of abortion what you should do?

When you buy online MTP kit to terminate an undesired pregnancy, it causes sudden hormonal changes. These changes will make a woman more emotional. Following are a few tips that will help you get over such negative thoughts.

Talk with someone like your partner, friends or family members who understands your feelings.

You can try joining post-abortion groups. There are many pregnancy centers that offer such a service.

You can find safe places either public or private, online or offline where you can talk about their problems, feelings and share their experiences. 

The best way to get away from such negativity is by talking about it.