Risk of having unplanned pregnancy after first intercourse

Women have to cope up with all the changes that take place in her body throughout life. Women do have to deal emotionally as well physically a part, but due to some changes in her body, she also has to face the hormonal changes. This can include the changes in the level of estrogen and prostaglandin which makes you pregnant. Hence there are chances that you can get pregnant while you have your first sexual intercourse.

Also, sexual intercourse can make you prone to STDs. It is recommended that you either use protection or both the partners do get checked for STDs. Love making sessions involve sexual intercourse and if the women have sexual intercourse than women can get pregnant. If the women are between the age gap of 20-30 years, then there are more chances of women getting pregnant. 

There is a misunderstanding that if one does ejaculate outside the vagina then there are no chances of getting pregnant. Whereas if you ejaculate outside the vagina and then again insert it, still there are chances that women can get pregnant again.

What should be done in case of an unwanted pregnancy?

If you have come across that you have had unprotected sex and do want to avoid the pregnancy, then emergency contraceptives are the best option which can help women to get rid of the pregnancy. Emergency contraceptives are the option which can be used by women only before she gets pregnant. Once you are pregnant these emergency contraceptives are of no use. However, emergency contraceptives are to be used within 72 hours of having sexual activity.

What can be done when you are already pregnant?

This happens with many of the women. Millions of women do realize later that they had unprotected sexual activity and this results in a pregnancy. In such cases, depending on the gestation period, women can choose to have a medical or surgical abortion.

Those women who have a gestation period of 9 weeks can simply opt to purchase online Mifepristone pills and have termination safely. Medicines such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol can be used safely for getting the pregnancy terminated. Women do stick to more of medical termination as this is the safe and non-invasive method which helps women to get the termination done at home. There are various websites which help women to get the Abortion Pills delivered at doorsteps.

If you are pregnant for more than 9 weeks, then you are asked to stick to surgical termination. Surgical termination is one of the methods which is being performed at clinics under the supervision of health care provider. This method hardly takes 15-20 minutes but is one of the expensive methods which helps women to get the pregnancy terminated within a few minutes.

If you are having sexual intercourse for the first time even you are asked to make the use of the contraceptives so that it can help you the unplanned pregnancy. Instead, most of the time couples are asked to make use of condoms so that it can help you to avoid having the sexually transmitted disorder.