What diet one should follow after terminating pregnancy medically?

Medical abortion is not an easy procedure as it sounds. There are many physical as well as emotional changes happening in a woman's body during the termination procedure. When you terminate the pregnancy surgically this will end a procedure within 10 minutes and will cause sudden hormonal changes. When you terminate a pregnancy by medically with the help of the online Abortion Pill this will cause slow changes in hormones and will cease a pregnancy within 10-12 days. However, it is very important that a woman should follow the following dietary instructions to recover faster from termination.

Include protein rich food in your diet:

Proteins are one of the most essential ingredients that your body needs. This will help to produce blood cells after the termination procedure. After the successful administration of Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill, a woman will experience heavy loss of blood and nutrients. To recover from this situation, it is important that you improve you recover blood lost during the termination procedure. 

To do this you should include three ounces of fish, meat, pork, shellfish, and turkey sheep, etc. protein rich contents in your diet. Women who are vegan can opt for dry beans or peas for the high supply of vitamin B and protein.

Foods grew from the ground:

Food that grew on the ground will fulfill the prerequisite of the two main types of nourishments like minerals and vitamins. These will also improve the intake of fiber that will improve digestion. You can eat a bowl of green veggies or organic products 3-4 times a day.

Dairy products:

The low-fat dairy products will help you manage to crave after finishing the termination procedure. These dairy products will help to improve the absorption of vitamin D. This will also boost calcium stored in bones and teeth. This can also be achieved with one or two servings of a glass of milk.


A woman is advised to follow a low and light diet during the termination process. Hence, after the termination process, they are advised to switch to a low calorie but high in mineral, irons, and vitamin containing diet. For this, you can have whole wheat bread, cereals, and brown rice. These are an incredible source of fiber and other nutrients. These will not only help you to improve your dietary systems but will also help prevent nutrient absorption.

Eat iron-rich food:

A woman will experience normal bleeding during termination, but this will get heavier during removal of pregnancy parts. Heavy loss of blood will cause the problem of anemia. To get over this problem women is advised to eat food like seafood, dairy products, red meat, etc. If you are a vegan you can opt for spinach, soy products, beans, and seeds.

It is always said that medical termination performed with MTP kit has been always safer than any other procedure performed to terminate a pregnancy. However, it is also important to follow these dietary instructions to recover early from the loss of nutrients lost during the termination process.