Perform medical termination without seeking anyone helps with MTP kit

Every woman who aborts the pregnancy is not wrong every time. There are a number of women, those who terminate the unplanned pregnancy due to many of the reasons. While terminating the pregnancy, one of the concerns is future pregnancy. Surgical termination is being performed under the supervision of health care provider and if this method is not performed by the professional then this can affect your future pregnancies. Hence, most of the women to avoid having a complication do buy online Abortion Pills and use them to seek a termination.

Whenever you opt for termination, you are suggested to use a combination of pills which can help you get the successful results of termination. If a woman is being prescribed with the combination of pills then opting for MTP kit is one of the best options. These pills are used in combination so that they can help women to terminate the pregnancy. 

Elements of MTP kit

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two essentials of this kit and this kit is being prescribed more as compared to other MEDs. One after the other both pills are administrated to terminate the pregnancy. 

Mifepristone Abortion Pills

This is MEDs which contain anti-progesterone elements and these elements in the medicines are the ones which help women to terminate the pregnancy. This is the primary pill and is to be used first to start with the termination process. 

Misoprostol Abortion Pills

This is the secondary pill which is being used after 24 hours and you need to make sure that these pills are being administrated under your tongue so that they get dissolved in your mouth with the help of saliva.

Work mechanism of the MTP Kit pills

Mifepristone pregnancy termination pill

Being an anti-progesterone pill this Abortion Pill work by blocking the progesterone hormones in the body. This is the hormones, which help the fetus grow and once they are being blocked the fetus do not grow and result in separation of the fetus from the uterus.

Misoprostol pregnancy termination pill

This is the second pill from the MTP kit and when you administrate this MED it helps by contracting the uterus and dilating the cervix so that the fetus can get expelled from the body.

Side effects

MTP kit results in symptoms like bleeding, cramping, and clotting, which is being experienced by every woman. Other than this you can have some of the side effects like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fever, and diarrhea. These side effects get worse and hence you need to seek medical help to get them treated.


  • Online MTP kit pills result in side effects if they interact with certain medicines and hence you are prescribed that you do not use any of the medicines which interact and results in side effects.
  • There is certain stuff like alcohol, smoke, grapefruit juice, and magnesium, which interacts with this Abortion Pills and results in side effects. Hence, you are suggesting that you do avoid the consumption of such stuff.
  • Sanitary pads are suggested to use instead of tampons as this using tampon can increase the risk of having an infection.